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Saturday, May 13, 2006 @ 3:25 AM | 0 comments

went outta wif mi bunch of wonderful fwenzi just now!! miss dem sho sho much manx!! especialli JASMIN!! *U RaWk!!* i didnt go outta wif her 4 sho sho damn long yeahx?? aniwae hope u did njoy urself 2dae gorte i simply did!! wif all e craps n e jokes n e laughing, simply EVERYTINGY!! coz it has been hears eva since we had such a fun lyk tis yeahx?? *CoOlX!!* crystalle came along 2 but after that she went off wif her kousin n joanna came!! (hey galx!! sorri 4 making u wait sho long yuppiex??) but aniwae thanki 4 PUNISHING mi wif those dem FRIES okie?? *ArGh!!*

Btw mi n joanna saw sumtingy shocking manx!! our male fwen david now becims a GALX!! *OMG!!* i was sho shock thta i went totalli speechless kan?? *Oh MaNx!!* warte ish he tynking!! *DaRn!!* after that we went walking n chill outta at tcc!! den jasmin n my buddy left 1st sho dere was mi, wee teck n joanna left!! luke join us as well 2 watch e movie poseidon!! *GoSh!!* e movie was sho thrilling kan?? pple had 2 sacrifice thier lives orr others lives 2 save demself or others!! cing those pple die realli makes mi feel sho hurts!! all of us went hm after e movie n here i am sitting infront of e computer blogging!!

i am pretty mix up wif mi feelings now!! i realli dunch knw warte ish e bestie wae outta of everytingy!! yesh i admit i lurve him alorte but whther anorte he does lurve mi as much as i lurve him that i wouldn't knw!! i am waiting patiencely dae by dae just 2 b back into his arms n into his heart!! but whether he will accept it i wouldnt knw it 2!! *HuRtInG!!* warte am i suppose 2 do?? i just couldnt sae it outta 2 him wif mi own mouth how much he means 2 mi but i haf 2 sae he means LOADS n LOADS 2 mi!! i haf 2 admit that jealousy ish in mi when he ish close 2 other galx but warte kan i sae?? all i kan do ish just watch quietli n kip it inside of mi!! i just sae that i realli lurve him!! * HeArTs!!*

~*i did njoy mmiself alorte 2dae!! *ThAnkI pEePs!!* heart u all yupx?? hehex!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*I am so sick of love songs, so tired of tears!! So done with wishings, you were still here!! Said i'm so sick of love songs, so sad and slow!! So why can't i turn off the radio??*)