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Saturday, May 20, 2006 @ 3:51 PM | 0 comments

*WoW!!* ystd was a real coolz n gorgeous dae kae?? when outta wif my buddy 2 eat den after that 2 my nyte klazz 2 sign n attendance n CHAOS!! after that headed 2 town 2 mit liz n sarah den again i gotta knw a new fwen of sarah!! she's another HOT BABE just lyk liz n sarah!! *WhEe!!* okie if u guys r wondering how i actualli knw dem i shall sae that dere goes e lil singapore were all living in kae?? sarah happens 2 b my buddy fwens fwens lahx!! sho coolz ryte?? hahaz!! n i didnt knw that when i tag in liz blog that sarah was actualli liz fwen 2!! *GoSh!!* sho coincidence lahx kan?? sho dere we r knwing each other n clearing all e misunderstanding n stuffy!! *CoOlX!!* most importantli, i gotta knw that both of dem were NICE n FUN GaLx kae??

lyk liz sae we r COOLZ!! therefore i will sae that we 3 RAWKS!! *RaWkErs!!* sound damn cutiex yeahx?? hehex!! aniwae gonna mit dem lata in town again n guess will end up in e skate park again!! hehex!! gotta pass that boi his prezzie 2!! u must LYK it kae?? *BlEaHx!!*

aniwae gotta sign off now coz i am gonna mit my buddy 2 chill b4 heading 2 town yuppiex?? *OfF i Go!!* bye pple!! *PeAcEx!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~