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Friday, May 26, 2006 @ 11:19 PM | 0 comments

ah huh!! i am blogging at SARAH'S hse!! hehex!! sounds cool ryte?? i knw u peeps will b wondering its a FRIDAE n whyee were hm sho earli ryte?? den u all will olso b tynking whyee we galx r norte PUBBING 2dae yupx?? hahaz!! that's coz were lyk LAZI n i mean SUPER LAZI!! hahaz!! that e facts!! n e weather just now was super nice 4 sleeping!! that we set lyk 3 alarms 2 wakie us up but NONE woke us up?? were super PIGS kae?? but cutiez once yupx?? hehex!! *BlEaHx!!* aniwae we will b goin outta lata 2 her hse KOPITIAM 2 drink KOPI!! *OopS!!* its MILO PENG(ice miloo)!! hahaz!! norte a towning dae 2dae but tml will be!! coz i simply miss LIZ!! hey liz u haf 2 c tis kae?? *I MISS U!!* hehex!! of coz sarah 2 though she ish sitting bside mi now!! hehex!! okie *I MISS U BOTH!!*

aniwae didnt receive ani kals frm that person, perhaps he mayb or might b styl piss or angri wif mi abt last week?? i realli dunch knw?? but hope his norte yeapx?? if norte i realli will norte knw warte 2 do?? yupx?? *GoSh!!* real sorri ish warte i kan sae yeahx?? *SaDiStIc!!* aniwae how ish e perfume smell goin on?? its damn strong ryte?? actualli e smell ish norte e same as pacific paradise!! i fynalli found outta abt it!! hehex!!

oo...ya!! haf u guys heard of a BIG SIZE guy kan suffocate a kitten under his TUMMY?? super n farking farni lahx!! but such tingy did happen 2 mi fwen fwen kae?? it was norte suppose 2 b a joke i guess but when he told us it indeed became 1 yeahx?? hahaz!! btw mi n sarah took mani foto shots 2dae!! when all e weird weird actions n WORST of all without our MAKE-UP!! sho we look damn chat chat okie?? but styl COOLZ!! i even took an emo shot but that was sumwhere outside yeahx?? hehex!! had lotsa fun though n wif e MIRAME tingy!! *ThANkI 4 EvErYtInGy SaRaHaNn!!*
~*Simply missing him loads kan?? *GoSh!!* warte a mi am i!! okie i dunch knw warte i am saeing but e main point ish *I MISS HIM!!* hehex!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*SaRaH n RyLi!!*~

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