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~*An AmAzInG eXpErIeNcE i HaD!!*~

Thursday, June 22, 2006 @ 4:42 PM | 0 comments

Im back 2 sarah hse again!! realli happi that im back here coz i miss her sho much!! n i mean realli lots okie?? n i miss liz alorte!! coz its a long tyme eva since i saw her!! *WHERE R U LIZ??* hees!! aniwae im SUPER happi kan?? coz i fynalli met up wif SIN YI!! i didn't c her 4 sho long!! n i mean realli long!! lyk 1 yr?? arnd dere yeaps?? after we met up, mi n sarah accompani her 2 B3 2 fynd e other riders!! lyk amy, rat boy n other guy i saw at seoul garden e other tyme!! as usual, amy ish styl that crappy guy feel wif jokes n all!! hees!! den i saw rat boy(jonathan)!! poor guy whu fall down while gapping e other tyme, n gorte his face injured!! OoHh manx!! ur sho careless kan!! den saw 2 other bladders n sin yi kept disturbing 1 of e bladder wif his name!! haas!! i swear she's a SUPER cute girl kan!! wahahaz!! wif her arnd dere ish definateli joy n all!! hees!! gotta knw a few other riders lyk gary, watt, taufik n more yups?? all veri nice n adorable pple!! alorte of jokes n all!! hees!!

we olso ate alorte when were at b3, snacks, drinks(green tea) while e others had tiger yuppies?? haas!! after that we took pics wif sin yi digi!! loads n loads of pic i swear!! i shall upload dem lata n u kan c whu r sum of dem im referring 2!! grab sum pic frm sin yi as well!! hees!! sorri girl!! hope ya dunch mynd!! hees!! if u do im realli sorri!! btw i lurve ur blog loads!! it real nice!! u shld blog more often!! hees!! after B3 lights of, we went over 2 west mall which ish near batok mrt station den yun n john join us dere!! hees!! n john join e last fall co.!! kinda surprise though!! hees!! after chilling 4 awhile, mi n sarah haf gotta go 2 catch e last train yups?? sad 2 leave but we had 2!! =(( but i realli didnt njoy miself loads alright guys?? *THANKI GUYS!! ESPECIALLI SIN YI!! THANKI SHO MUCH!!*

U leave mi wif e most unforgettable experience in e west side yeaps?? realli!! thanki sho much!! though i thot that person will b dere but that person wasnt!! aniwae i wanna c that person real badli n i miss that person loads as well!! i dunch knw how much i mean 2 him now but i onli knw that he means alorte 2 mi!! every single tyme!! n neber will tis perspective of him in mi mind change!! NO WAY!! *MiSsEs!!* =((

Btw i gorte e picture uploaded sho hope u guys njoy it!! btw i gorte mi new hairstyle in it!! hees!! *WoOhOo!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

*RyLi N sIn yI!!* =))

*SaRaH n SiN yI!!* =))

*SiN yI n WaTt!!* that e guy watt im toking abt!! hees!! -))

*SiN yI n TaUfIk!!* another farni rider that i gotta knw!! a joker!! taufik!! =))

*MaTtHeW n SiN yI!!* he's a bladder wif a super long hair lyk a tail on e back!! hees!! alwaes joking arnd wif sin yi!! hees =))

*SaRaH, RyLi N sIn Yi!!* e 3 powerpuff girls!! hhes!! super cuties girls we r!! =))

*FeLiX, AmY n SiN yI!!* =)) super cute pple dey r!!

*CrEdIts 2 SiN yI!!* she's our miss SUPER photograher alright?? e pics above r all taken by her!! hees!! she a girl whu brings joy 2 all of us!! a SUPER outgoin girl 2!!! n she lurves HARDGAY!! hees!! =))

*PiNg N RyLi!!* =))

*RyLi N sTaLlE!!* =))

*FiShY, RyLi N sTaLlE!!* =)) e cutiez piex doin weird action!!

*ItS pInG n RyLi AgAiN!!* =))

*SiMpLy RyLi* =))

~*ThAt AlL fOlKs!!*~ =))