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Friday, June 30, 2006 @ 3:19 AM | 0 comments

Alright how mani daes i've been at e west side?? lyk er....2 daes?? 3 daes?? guess its 3!! aniwae we had lotsa fun ystd!! i swear!! coz were lyk partying at ber's hse ah!! *WTH!!* it was suppose 2 b onli mi, amy n fik den in e end nick, keit n hahlim came down!! sials lahs e place SUPER overcrowded but it was SUPER fun ah!! i tynk i've neber felt that kinda fun 4 a long long tyme ah!! *WoOhOo!!* at 1st when onli i, amy n fik was at her hse, her dad found outta that dere was pple at her hse sho he push open e rm door!! as e guys were trying 2 get outta frm her rm thru e balcony, onli fik manage 2 but amy didnt coz her dad gorte thru e balcony thru her bro's rm!! sho we gorte kinda shock n had 2 settle tingy!! luckili everytingy was solve!! *WoOsH!!* if norte i guess e fun wun had happen!! we drink a little played true n dare n stuffy while waiting 4 e others 2 arrived!! i felt asleeep 4 awhile n gorte up again!! lyk how kan i miss e fun ah!! duhx!! hees!! =)) after that hahlim n nick join us at ber hse onli left keit coz he was working!! as we were waiting 4 keit we played e dressing up parade game!! wahahahas!! =)) Super cuties n fun!!

OoHh man!! i tell u i laugh until lyk nobodi business ah!! *GoSh!!* its DAMN farni ah i swear!! cing e guys dressing up 2 b lyk girls while wearing ber clothes!! especiially amy ah!! that joker!! haas!! we even video evertingy down!! n i was e cam person n its super cools!! *SeH sEh Seh!!* haas!! =)) gotta upload e video sum daes but aniwae we didnt took pictures n i shall try uploading dem lata!! at e same tymes we had sumtingy 2 settle n all yeaps?? As 4 2dae left eari coz ber gorte sch tml n i nid 2 go HM!! i miss hm badli kan!! super badli ah!! e comp, e rm, e almost everytingy kan?? hees!! =)) b4 taht met adrian n matt went b3 chill a little n all den b4 i went hm i mit keit 4 dinner den saw rat boi, bao cheng, fik n nick 2 chill a little b4 i left!! Super fun ah!! =))

n now im hm facing e comp blogging n all!! SUPER nice!! *YeApPy!!* haas!! 've been eating loads tis few daes n i tynk im goin on diet n i tynk i will!! wahahas!! i wun wanna b lyk a PIG!! aniwae thanki 4 those batts u bought alright?? u save mi life back 2 e east sweety!! n thanki 4 e tingy BC!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~