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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 @ 11:05 AM | 0 comments

Hey pple!! sorri that i didnt blog 4 a long tyme n that's coz im at e west side!! alwaes at e west recentli!! hees!! staying over at mi fwens place as well!! aniwae lotsa tingy happen n i mean ALORTE!! that's sho hard 2 describe i swear!! *GoSh!!* i realli dunch knw warte 2 do!! that dae after e dirt comp sarah wanted 2 chill wif us at batok in e end her mum n dad wasnt happi sho she had 2 go off!! *SaDiStIc!!* n her dad even lyk came down 2 fynd her 2gether wif her 2nd bro!! n WTF!! he try acting lyk a gangster infront of mi kan?? ooo.....warteva lahs kae?? that bloody SPOIL mi whole dae mood alr u knw?? aiya but its lyk alright lahs!! den heard sum advice frm john abt certain stuffi n i tynk i shldnt take tingy into heart n stuffy!! sumtymes we just haf 2 show e BO CHAP attidute yeaps?? =((

Certain tingy i tried mi bestie norte 2 kare but i kant!! simply kant at all!! tell mi warte am i suppose 2 do?? warte?? i realli confused n all!! pple sae that in a relationship, e old ones neber go e new neber cum but i dunch wanna!! den tis kinda tingy haf 2 happen 2 mi!! i rather kip e old wanna kan?? but 2 bad its lyk long gone!! gone 2 a far away place, a place that ish enclosed n i kan no longer get him back!! *NO NO NO!!* he's GONE, gone wif e wind 4eva n eva!! perhaps he has fall into e arms of another girl!! e words he sae made mi wait but in e end all i get in return was pain n all!! *BULLSHIT AH!!* whyee must happen 2 mi?? do i lyk deserve all tis pain n hurt after waiting on n after e 8 mths relationship!! i hate e feeling n i mean i HATE it!! SUPERLI hate it ah!! *AhHh FCUK!!* dere goess all e empty promises n all once again!! being cheated by ur words once again!! tell mi warte am i suppose 2 do?? after all e love e pain e hurt n all!! =((

*everytingy that starts on will go on till e end of e roads kan!! it willl alwaes end n i mean alwaes!! though u gorte e BLOODY true love im just tynking will everytingy last n i mean LAST!! *DaMn!!* i realli stress n curious kan?? no matta warte guess i will c tingy in a different point of view alr!! im norte goin 2 go on n make e past tingy happen!! waited n waited ish all i could do!! i've neber ask 4 much frm u at all kan?? at that point of tyme all i wanna ishh just 2 b wif U!! *U U U!!* guess i've just gotta trust wif mi instinct!! i mean ur gone n i belief u r!! i guess u haf fall in e hand of e other girls nOW!! NO longer cuming back 2 mi!! *GONE!!*

im lost!! SUPER lost!! save mi kan!! sum1 save mi!! im in darkness once again kan!! e bright light in mi nids 2 cum back n i mean niD!! =(( *LiGhtS r OfF nOw!!* no lights r im mi now!! =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~