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Monday, June 19, 2006 @ 8:36 PM | 0 comments

*It realli hurts 2 b kept right straight in e dark of everytingy manx!! n i mean it realli hurt!! i dunch wanna b kept in e dark animore!! *NO MORE!!* i wish upon a magical person whu kan cum out frm aniwhere n tell mi warte ish goin on n warte i realli wanna knw!! OR?? if onli i haf SUPER powers, i wanna read thru pple i wanna read thru EVERYBODY sho i knw arte dey r tynking n warte ish happening arnd mi!! at least tis wae i will feel much betta!! at least i will knw n i kan decide warte i shld do n warte i shld norte!! but sad 2 sae i kant , coz all tis aint true at all!! no dey r NORTE!! n that's whyee i HATE it!! *ArGh!!**

*im norte giving up on waiting n that's final coz i knw whu i realli love n whu i realli want!! dunch tell mi that im young n i kant fynd betta guys outts dere!! dunch BLOODY hell ask mi 2 move on!! if u guys r gonna tell mi that my answer 2 it ish.....NO WAE!! coz its him that i want n no 1 else!! its that him that ish living inside of mi n no 1 kan replace him!! norte at all!! I wanna wait till e dae im back wif u again!! im gonna wait n wait!! n i hope ur gonna gif mi a chance, i realli hope sho!!*

ur e onli 1 whu kan bring mi happiness n all!! ur e onli 1 whu kan enlightened mi life, my evertingy!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~