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Sunday, June 04, 2006 @ 12:24 PM | 0 comments

Woke up real earli ystd at sarah's hse coz we haf gotta date wif liz, gerri n another galx kal veron!! it was a gig perfromance at the holy spirit church!! itz real COOLZ okie?? we even saw PAUL TWOHILL e guys frm singapore idol?? yupx?? he did act childish at e scence but that's warte guys r 4!! hahaz!! dey kant b serious all e tyme ryte?? hehex!! saw levin 2!! btw we were dere 2 support e band 80% alcohol!! moreover i vote 4 dem norte becoz dey were liz n sarah fwens but its coz dey indeed sing realli well that i realli njoy it sho much!! n i mean realli NICE!! u guys shld hear that song nane SARAH!! hahaz!! yupz its my bestie fwen name!! hehex!! sho cutiez ryte?? hehex!! *SwEeTiEz!!*

liz n sarah even took pic wif paul!! dey look sho cutiex in that pic n it was indeed their memorable moment coz it was before their new haircut!! hehex!! btw liz n sarah looks real HOT in their new hair especialli SARAH!! *GoSh!!* she look sho HOT kan!! sad i didnt take a pic wif her otherwise i will post it on mi blog!! btw she's alwaes HOT!! *HOT!!* aniwae gotta knw a new galx kal veron n she's a nice galx yeapx?? n she stay in e EAST!! hehex!!

Sum pple finalli tok 2 mi yupx?? at least 2 knw that he alright!! hehex!! btw i am never goin 2 b e LES okie?? make tis clear in ur head!! hahaz!! i am STRAIGHT 4 god sake!! hehex!!

~*Hey do rmb 2 take kare of urself in camp n sho yupx?? cya arnd soon!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Let it bleed, Take the red for what it's worth woah!! Watch the fire, Feel your lungs with smoke for the last time!! If you feel like dying you might wanna sing!!*)