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~*I cAmE oUtTa WiF a NeW nAmE 2GeThEr wIf sArAh!!*~ *HeHez!!*

Friday, June 02, 2006 @ 8:29 PM | 0 comments

*YUPX!!* lyk i sae, i am at sarah hse now!! hehex!! since lyk ystd!! hahaz!! okie we were surfing e net watching television until we slack in bed toking 2 blue eyes on e fone!! even on e fone he could even crap wif us!! SUPER cutiez kan?? hehex!! aniwae den b4 that when saarah was surfing e net i was tynking of warte 2 do till i took a permanent marker 2 TATTOO mi hands!! i knw it souns stupid n retarded but i LYK!! hahaz!! n she wrote dozy on her legs!! its a coolz word n i haf mine olso!! which was CHEL(P)!! hehex!! SUPER stylish kan?? hehex!! its our creation n onli we knws warte izzit allllllll abt!! wahahaz!!

tynk u guys gotta go crack ur brains 2 tynk of warte those words mean yeapx?? do haf fun guessing!! hehex!!

~*ThE nAmE dozy n CHEL(P) rawks!!*~ *HeHeX!!*

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