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Friday, June 23, 2006 @ 3:17 PM | 0 comments

*WOW!!* its was a sad tingy that i had 2 go back all e wae 2 e east yeaps?? coz i had lotsa fun at e west 4 e last 2 daes n moreover i gotta knw alorte of new fwens dere!! hees!! n now WATT ish mi di di!! wahaahz!! as usual i went down b3 2 fynd dem chill wif dem until kinda late n i gorte hm b4 e last train!! ystd b3 had more pple came down, lyk gerald, teng, fabian, huffy n more dere!! hees!! after lights offs, we headed 2 batok mrt station n chill dere!!

Den sinyi n i went 2 get tea eggs n sum snackls frm e pasa malam dere!! sho coolz kan?? e food realli r nice indeed!! den poor her, gotta peel e tea egg 4 mi n watt b4 she could eat hers!! *THANKI GIRL!!* u rawk kae?? realli?? hees!! i miss u guys sho much kan!! aniwae went i gortte back 2 e east, i met blue eyes n e others at east coast n we chill dere!! n i gorte mi legs injuried!! coz of MUNKEY bicycle lahs!! *ArGh!!* e whole bicycle fall on mi leg manx!! now gorte blue black!! SUPER PAIN AH!! hees!! =))

aniwae i did took pics wif blue eyes n munkey, shall uploads it lata yeaps?? gotta go off 2 mit mi fwens now at town!! *gotta sae i realli miss him loads n loads, wanting 2 contact him but i just kant bring up 2 courage 2!! i kant simply kant!! *Magical lamp kan i haf e power of courage i tynk i realli nid it!!* If he happens 2 contact i bet i will sure b e happiest girl on earth!! but i dunch tynk he wilL!!! =(( aniwae gotta *ChAoS!!* =))*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~