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~*MiSs BrIgHt SiDe!!*~

Thursday, June 08, 2006 @ 7:41 AM | 0 comments

met mi new found fwen frm e east!! she super nice n super pretty!! guess its coz of e fitures she haf yeapx?? she kept saeing that im farni!! wahahaz!! whyee?? perhaps that's mi character!! *E RYLI'S ATTIDUTE!!* *WoOhoo!!* hehex!! will lyk slacking at east coast all e wae n she even drank double chocolate!! *GoSh!!* e side of loads of chocolate makes mi a thrill in mi spine!! coz chocolate r FATTENING!! wahahz!! mayb onli mi point of view!! wahahaz!! okie that's sounds weird indeed!! *BlEaHx!!* n she another galx whu kant lives without ciggs!! aiyo dunch SMOKE lahx!! ur styl young manx!! hehex!! HEY!! that makes mi sound lyk im old ryte?? guess im pretty old actualli!! but i just haf 2 sae i LURVE mi AGE!! hehex!!

den we were lyk chatting n chatting abt lotsa tingy n all!! warte a galx!! kinda talkative 2!! just e same lyk mi!! aniwae socialable ish e keyword!! no doubt abt that!! wahahaz!! after that went off 2 mit mamat n e others as usual 2 chill n all!! dey r a bunch of CHILLER indeed!! *WhEe!!*

aniwae i started tynking abt e old stuffy whenever im alone n i hate that kinda feeling!! i simply HATE it kan!! i dunch wanna tynk animore n i am trying realli hard 2 but it just kant get off n outta of mi mynd!! that's just e point!! guess that memories ish goin 2 stick wif mi all e wae!! n i will haf 2 accept that!!

~*e hopes in mi r getting into e thin air coz tingy r norte working outta e wae its suppose 2!! e high hopes i use 2 haf r falling apart though im trying hard 2 withstand it n i will want 2!! i wouldnt knw how much percentage r dere in saving us but i hope 4 e bestie as e daes go pass by!!*~ *TyNkInG!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*I dont wanna do this anymore, i dont wanna be the reason why!! Everytime i walk out the door, i die a little more inside!! I dont wanna hurt him anymore, i dont wanna take away his life!! I dont wanna be.....a murderer!!*)