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~*MiSsEs ShOpPiNg SpReE!!*~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 @ 3:03 PM | 0 comments

I wanna shop, i realli wanna shop!! i nid money 2 go towning!! haas!! im getting tired of window shopping manx!! coz i've lotsa tingy in my that i wanna buy n i NID 2 buy!! *GeEs!!* hate it when u just kant buy e stuffy u wanna!! nvm mi shopping spree wldnt b gone 4 long!! it will b back!! *CuM bAcK 2 Mi BaBy!!* =)) seriousli, i miss those shopping life alorte alorte!! n dere sumtingy in mind i wanna get 4 a long tyme n im gonna save up 4 it!! *YESH GOT TO!!* hees!!

*Magical lamp Oh magical lamp!! kan u tell mi warte i realli wanna knw?? kan u let mi c warte ish goin 2 happen n warte will norte happen?? the anxiety in mi ish getting more n more as e daes goes by!! ur my onli savior 4 now!! coz onli u haf e power 2 help mi n save mi yups?? Magical lamp will u b able 2 gif mi super powers?? i realli wanna haf dem coz i nid those 2 help mi outta!! *HeLp Mi N sAvE mI fRm Mi DiEiNg DaEs!!**

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~