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~*No HeAdInGs 4 2dAe!!*~

Thursday, June 01, 2006 @ 5:08 PM | 0 comments

just woke up n i am doing my friendster progile editor all e wae!! coz dere was sum error in it yeahx?? hehex!! *GoSh!!* making mi haf a BIG BAD headache!! coz i was tynking of warte am i lyk suppose 2 do!! hehex!! in e end i am here blogging here at last!! hehex!! *FiNaLlI!!*

Though i am here, i dunch realli knw warte 2 blog abt olso!! coz mi mind ish totalli blanked now?? guess sho?? coz i was totalli confused n everytingy ystd n sho am i 2dae!! but guess i am gotta put everytingy n problems aside 4 e moment coz i am goin 2 mit sarah lata!! hehex!! perhaps wif her i am gonna haf lotsa fun yuppiex??

gotta go do my stuffy now n i will b leaving!! Off i go!! *ByE!!*

~*MiSsInG e MeMoRiEs Of Us!!*~ *TyNkIng!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Too strong, for too long!! And i can't be without you baby!! And i'll be waiting up, until you get home!! Cause i can't sleep without you baby!! Anybody, whose ever loved you, just know what i feel!! Too hard to fake it, nothin' can replaced it!! Call the radio, if you just can't be without you baby!!*)