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~*OuTtInGs In ToWn!!*~

Sunday, June 11, 2006 @ 8:22 PM | 0 comments

I was indeed in town ystd wif crystal n another of her fwen kal rachel!! hehex!! she has that SUPER cutiex voice kan?? *OMG!!* moreover she has e looks lahx!! totalli BABEZ frm hell!! heard she's attractive in sch olso!! hehex!! it was e dae that crystal went hm late 4 e 1ST tyme!! sho HAPPI!! hehex!! *WhEe!!* we went shopping n walking all over town using rachel didgi cam 2 take pics!! n e pics r SUPER interesting wanna yeapx?? i will upload it sho that u all peeps kan c!! hehex!! *SwEeTiEx!!* infact we took most of dem in LJS!! coz were eating n all dere!! hehex!!

After crystal n rachel left, i waited 4 ping at town n we went 2 esplanade 2 chill coz e scenery ish DAMN beautiful!! *WoOhOo!!* but being dere brought back lotsa memories of mi n that person!! rmbering e tyme we were dere b4 2gether n when we were 2gether!! *MiSsEs!!*

n 2dae, i met up wif rachel n her bf n we went 2 church 2 watch a drama play!! coz her fwens ish acting in it n e play was WONDERFUL!! i njoy miself n im glad im back 2 churching!! *ThAnKi RaChEl!!* after that we chill at starbucks n dere we go taking PICS again!! wahahaz!! that's e purpose of e digi cam aniwae!! hehex!! SUPER fun!! *NjOyAbLe!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*I need you and I miss you and I want you and I love you cause I wanna hold you, I wanna kiss you You were my everything And I really miss you!!*)

~*PiNg n RyLi!!*~

~*FiShY n RyLi!!*~

~*E gAlX oUtTiNg!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*LuRvInG dEm LoAdS!!*~

~*E fArNi FaCeS!!*~

~*E gAlX hP n FiNgErS!!*~

~*We HeArTs EaCh OtHeR!!*~

~*RyLi MoDeLs 4 MaRlBoRo!!*~

~*TiS iSh CrYsTaLlE!!*~ *HeHeX!!*

~*ItS rAcHeL n CrYsTaLlE!!*~

~*DePrEsSeD!!*~ *BlEaHx!!*

~*E cUtIeX pIeX!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~



~*LoOkInG dOwNwArDs!!*~

~*LoVeRs 2NyTe!!*~

~*RyLi SrCeWeD uP fAcE!!*~

~*RaE pOsEs!!*~

~*EnD oF pIcX!!*~