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Sunday, June 18, 2006 @ 3:00 PM | 0 comments

Met naqiah pretty eaarli ystd 2 go n watch e bmx stunt bike competition at youth ark n at e same tyme gif farhan n e others their support!! as i had neber been 2 a bmx competition sho i was rather exited n looking 4ward 2 c it!! Aniwae e competition indeed didnt disappoint mi coz its realli NICE!! *GoSh!!* u guys shld go check it outta next tyme its realli marvelous kan!! hees!! after e comp we went 2 eat n stuffy n back 2 youth park 2 chill dere!!

Sitting dere again quiet, make mi start tynking warte am i suppose 2 do, kan sumbodi tell mi?? YESH i've been waiting n waiting, i haben been giving up at all n i mean norte at all but whyee isnt a chance being given 2 mi?? if onli tyme could turn baack, i wun wanna such a tingy 2 happen!! norte at all!!! it realli hurts mi alorte 2 c that dere ish nth, norte even a chance i stand 2 b wif u again!! HEY!! do u even knw that dere ish a gal waiting 4 u all tis while?? do u knw how important u mean 2 her?? how much happiness u kan bring 2 her life once again?? if u dunch den ler her tell u!! u SUPER IMPORTANT n u MEAN ALORTE 2 her!! n onli U kan bring that MUCH HAPPINESS back into her life again n once again!! she doesnt ask 4 more, all she ask 4 ish another chance just another chance 2 b wif that person she realli love sho!! she nids u n that onli U back in her life once again n she nids u more den ani other gals outta dere!! n she means it okie?? she wanna u 2 b e guy whu kan save her n onli u haf e POWER 2 save her norte anibodi else!! NO one kan!! NO NO NO!! she wants u 2 b dere, dere 4 her once again!! if she haf another chance, she gonna treasure tis chace, n she means 2 TREASURE it!! se wun let tis chance slip off once again!! NOT AT ALL!! =((

~*WaITiNg 4 u AlWaEs!! N sHe MeAnS hEr WoRdS!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~