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~*SlEePiNg TyMeS!!*~

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 @ 8:43 PM | 0 comments

sleeping n sleeping that all i have been doin tis few daes n that ish coz im sick yeapx?? hehes!! n e medi affect ish realli powerful kan!! after taking it i just simply feel lyk sleeping n nth else!! *WTH!!* i swear i gotta go outta n njoy when im well or else i will b bored at hm manx!! i alr c e hse 4 super long kan!! hees!! *RoTtInG!!* that's e damn word!! hehes!!

mi throat ish hurting n e pain ish super killing mi!! *ArGh!!* i wanna GWS=get well soon!! hehes!! aniwae e brazil match ystd was SUPER exciting kan!! was watching wif mamat n e others!! when brazil was abt 2 score a goal u kan c everybodi expression was lyk super excited kan!! wahahaz!!

blue eyes came 2 fynd mi wif monkey as dey were riding pass e coffee shop i was at on e wae!! sho tok wif him a little b4 dey head hM!! hehes!! n thanki 2 MR JEFF for introducing mi that wonderful song!! haas!! *BlEaHx!!*

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