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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 @ 3:12 AM | 0 comments

Woke up kal was given 2 mi by mi bestie coz i had 2 mit him n another 2 riders at youth yuppies?? gorte up 2 get prepared den drop dotcom a kal coz i simply miss dem loads as well yeaps?? n since he contacted mi sho i haf 2 kal him back!! hees!! alright den i gorte out f e hse sat in e bus studing mi maths n all while waiting 4 e bus 2 reach mi destination!! at e same tyme, bestie was rushing mi as in he kept asking where am i coz he said that he was hungri!! haas!! sorri manz!! didnt mean 2 let u wait!! finalli arrived a youth met up wif dem n den we went 4 dinner at yoshi!! bestie had ben saeing that he wanna eat that eva since lyk last wk ah!! aniwae e food ish realli filling though!! *YuMmI yUm!!* =))

Den we studi at dere while waiting 4 watt n saw 2 go get e bag dey wanted 2 buy yups?? e bag ish kinda cuties BUT a lil retarted 2!! wahahaZ!! watt actualli borrowed cash frm amy urgentli just 2 get that BAG manz!! different taste a mum n son haf huh?? hees!! =)) den e 2 jackass when 2 try sumtingy stupid that im norte gonna blog in coz its realli DUMB ah!! make mi realli wanna LOL alr!! kant stand dem, realli SUPER jokers of e dae manz!! haaS!! After yoshi we went back 2 youth chill 4 awhile n down 2 batok 2 fynd e others!! In e train we did loads of stupid tingy that make mi wanna laugh again n we even took pic!! n i love 1 of e pic i took wif watt coz its realli PERFECT!! *WoOhOo!!* n he tynks sho 2!! his super cuties ah!! e face lyk bear mans!! *CuTiEz!!* =))

I dunch knw warte im suppose 2 do n warte ish e road im suppose 2 head 2!! kan somebodi help mi n let mi knw!! Im simply on e verge of losing mi breath alr!! i dunch wanna hold back ani longer n im trying 2 let go off every single breath but e thots in mi just hold dem all!! magical lamp or a geniune, plz GUIDE mi e wae!! place a BRIGHT n SHINY light that will lead mi 2 e right path i dunch wanna b kept in e dark n turing round n round in circles no more!! *DaRkNeSs!!* =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~