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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 @ 3:37 PM | 0 comments

Lotsa stuffy happen tis few daes n all yeaps?? realli hard 2 express but sumtingy kan sae realli hurting that it pierce thru mi heart!! e pain cause by his words realli hurts loads n loads kan?? warte do i do 2 deserve all tis?? after all tis while warteva gddi n baddi i do all deserve tis kinda act in return frm him?? that HIM?? *DaMn!!* do u even knw how happi when i u said a thanks 2 mi?? i was sho sho happi okie?? damn happi that kinda tingy kan?? sho u knw how hurting when u scold mi over e fone?? =(( sad 2 sae i dunch tynk u even bother now!! no longer alr!! mayb n e past u will but now?? NO!! i dunch tynk u even kare or bother!! if u do u wun even do such a tingy 2 mi!! =((

Everytingy, words, feelings n all r just rounding in mi brains!! running n running thru!! i kare n i worri!! after sho long i styl kare!! YESH I DO!! that show how important u r 2 mi!! 2 MI!! but as 4 mi in ur side i guess im just NTH, NTH 2 u alr!! perhaps i tynk 2 much but chances r doubt sho yeaps?? warte kan i sae, no 1 in e world ish perfect sho i dunch ask 4 mi!! onli wishses 1 n onli 1 tingy!! no other wishses lies in mi but onli tis!! =((

aniwae thanki 4 being dere 4 mi when im down mi fwens!! realli appriciate everytingy u guys do alright?? *THANNKI!!* =)) u guys r e sweetiez peeps i eva known!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~