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Friday, July 14, 2006 @ 10:51 AM | 0 comments

*WoOhOo!!* came back frm batok straight met up wif xiao yu n sebas came 2 join us at east coast!! eat, drink n chill!! tok lotsa tingy n did alorte of crappy tingy!! sho fun lahs kan?? *WhEe!!* esp mi n yu tok alorte alorte ah!! lotsa tingy 2 update each other wif!! aniwae glad that now she's happily attached 2 a guy she realli love n all yeaps?? Oh mans when izzit gonna b my turn?? when will mi prince charming cum by 2 save tis lil princess here?? poor tingy kan?? haas!! =)) ooo warteva ah!! i toking rubbish n craps!! LOLS!! we were lyk sitting at mac at 1st getting a lil bored n we thot of using mi cam 2 take pics yeaps?? sho we came outta wif stupid actions 2 take e pics!! haas!! kinda coolz n fun mans!! haas!! =)) sebas did lotsa farni tingy 2!! hees!!

After leaving mac we headed 4 e beach 2 feel e wonderful breeze!! on e wae walking pass tis lil alley e lights were super gddi 2 take pics n dere goes mi n fishy agaiN!! wahahaS!! taking pics n tis tyme sebas was e photographer!! hees!! he indeed had gddi skilss of taking pics ah!! *POWER!!* hees!! =)) its a comliment okie SEBAS!! must feel honoured!! *Bleahx!!* we were even lyk crazi peeps listening 2 our mp3 n dancing in e middle of east coast!! okie its lyk WTF ryte?? i knw!! haas!! but its kinda interesting ah!! having fun warte!! =))

Having fun ish 2 do crazi n lame stuffy n actions!! wahahas!! i guess sho?? norte sure lahs!! wahahaS!! *WOW!!* im blogging at such a late hour 4 mi coz its lyk 11 plus n im norte asleep yets!! *WTH!!* haaas!! gotta go sleep soon alr or else i will die!! had a jog 2dae summore!! *GoSh!!* dead human i am!! im trying 2 uploads those pics but i dunch tynk im able 2!! no idea whyee 2!!! HATE MI COMP!! sucks hardcore max ah!! *ArGh!!* ooo warteva manS!! hack lahs!! hees!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~