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~*ReAdInG e PaSt IsSuE!!*~

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 @ 6:45 AM | 0 comments

I just happen 2 read thru 2 archives i wrote in e blog during e past tymes!! reading thru every single bits of thick n thins that mi n him use 2 go thru realli bring back lotsa memories in mi!! N i mean LOADS!! e happi n unhappi tymes!! how we quarrel n how we mend tingy up!! e outtings n everytingy that we had n we njoy!! almost everytingy!! rmb e tymes he gorte back his bike, e tymes he bought e plane toy n spoil it n that dae!! hahahah!! realli make mi wanna laugh!! =))

E NDP outtings wif e east side riders n all wif their girl!! all e fun we had!! e dinner at fullerton!! everytingy n i mean almost evertingy!! i dunch knw whether those memories styl lies in him but i doubt sho!! =(( i wun 4get every single tyme spends wif him during our relationship!! *TrEaSuRiNg!!*

I alwaes tynk if onli tyme kan b turn back i wun wanna such terrible tingy 2 happen!! NO WAE!! but now that's it happen e onli wae ish 2 face it!! =(( e pain an onli lies in mi!! hoping n wishing ish e onli tingy im able 2 do now!! *GoSh!!* =(( *EmO!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~