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Sunday, July 02, 2006 @ 5:40 PM | 0 comments

Its was a sat n i had 2 wajie up earli coz i've gotta mit amy at batok mrt station 2 mit e otehrs a habourfront 4 a sentosa outting!! kinda excited though!! sho i had 2 slept over at ber's but end up i onli slept 4 an hr coz i went 2 swim at 3AM in e swimming pool her place!! kinda scary actualli but fun!! the thrills ish lyk SUPER coolx kan?? hees!! aniwae i've gotta tynk sumtingy outta coz i was stress sho had 2 b alone 4 awhile!! but i guess now tingy r betta!! by e tyme i swam fynsh, it was alr 6 in e morning manx!! *GoSh!!* i was super SHOCK coz i swam 4 3 hrs but it doesnt seems lyk 2!! haas!! =)) after that i gotta an hrs of rest n i've pull mislef outta of bed!! damn tired i swear but tynking of e fun were haf i gotta readi asap n set off 2 mit amy!! den rat boi kal mi saeing he was on his wae sho we met up as well 2gether!! chatted alorte on e wae wif amy n rat boi den gorte on e 188 bus n saw sin yi n dong lun!! on e bus listening 2 mp3 n tynking mi brains outta!! seriousli dunch knw warte im stress abt!! *ArGh!!* but dere's lyk nth i kan do!! when we reach harbourfront while waiting 4 ah bao sin yi n dong lun ate chicken rice n sin yi said that it was her favourite!! moreover e chiicken rice looks kinda nice but i didnt eat coz i was norte hungri?? guess sho?? haas!! farni rytes?? okie im feel wif rubbish!! hahas!! after eating ah bao came n we headed of 2 sentosa on e cab!! *WoOhOo!!* n e funniest tingy happen coz we split into 2 cabs n e cab infront of mine cab didnt knw ow 2 get 2 palawan!! sho we end up touring 3 whole sentosa!! SUPER kuku ah!! *WTH!!* haas!! =))

arrivng at sentosa we tan n e guys build sumtingy wif e stuffy n all!! SUPER CUTE lahs dey all!! haas !! den hahlim came down 2 look 4 us after work n all!! realli had a fun tyme dere!! after that, we headed 4 town 2 fynd e others whu r riding dere!! saw that person dere as well but dunch knw warte 2 do sho just chill n all!! confused feelings n all lahs!! dere goes mi EMONESS again!! haas!! =)) after that we headed back 2 batok 2 eat e ban mian dere!! *YuM yUm!!* while eating half wae i was shock 2 c him at batok but yups?? ....... speechless though!! after e meal we chill a little n amy headed hm n bt by bot 3 pple left leaving onli mi, alex, hahlim den rat boi came down, den adrian n matt!! den after that john n roman sho now 4 once were norte bored again!! *SeH sEh SeH!!* =))

waited 4 e 1st train n breakfast n i headed back hm!! aniwae i realli had a fun tyme ystd n it was memorable yeaps?? *ThAnKi GuYs!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~