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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 @ 6:25 PM | 0 comments

That FCUKING BITCH!! stress mi on everytingy!! studies, work everytingy!! *WTH!!* just dunch understand warte she wants frm mi!! i might as well gif her mi dead bodi ish e bestie solution!! sho she kant just BLOODY stress on mi dead bodi!! *ArGh!!* den gorte her 2 buy a chain frm mi sho that i kan put e pendant. she SHOUT at mi on e fone!! *BITCH BITCH BITCH!!* thot staying at hm i could get peace but it seems that ish styl betta if im outta of e hse!! less stress n everytingy!! staying at hm im feeling lotsa presssure!! thanki god im norte staying at e hse wif that BITCH!! if norte i tynk i everydae olso dunch wannaa step hm manx!! rather rot at hm olso gddi manz!!

she's realli a BLOODY faggot ah!! owe mi money until now haben pae!! confidentli tell mi well clear soon wanna den now warte??? 2 BLOODY mths n where ish mi money?? pae mi 100 bucks onli!! *WTF!!* go eat shit lahs!! FARK!! *DaMn U!!* *PiSsEd!!* just dunch knw warte 2 describe her!! serioulsi!! pressurising mi all e tyme!! n alwaes!! *BULLSHIT AH!!* realli wanna scream outta loud manx!! *AhHhH!!*

*Look at e date 2dae!! it was suppose 2 b our 1 yr if onli e relationship between us didnt end!! e dae we use 2 look forward 2 but now its no longer a special dae coz ur gone!! away frm mi arms alr!! no longer dere 4 mi when im down, no longer wif mi when im happi!! *NO LONGER!!* where ish he?? where haf he gone 2?? ish dere a chance of us being 2gether?? i just wanna knw!! just tell mi e ans kan?? im styl waiting do u knw? waiting okie if u dunch knw!! if u dunch haf feelings 4 mi just tell mi!! its pain of u 2 treat mi tis wae!! =(( warteva ish tis, i'll alwaes rmb tis dae!! alwaes a memories in mi!!*

~*5th july 2005!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~