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Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 8:35 AM | 0 comments

Just gorte back frm batok chilling wif e others peeps dere!! As usual pple infact but i just wun get bored of dem!! I SWEAR!! coz dey r simply COOLZ n FUN 2 hang outta wif!! trust mi mans!! alright!! its lyk a SUPER tiring dae ystd coz i met amy earli in e afternoon at town, went 4 a shopping spree!! haas!! sound weird huh?? a guy SHOPS?? haas!! but he's a cool buddi indeed!! haas!! =)) okie den i bought a new pair of shoes frm topshop looks damn cutiez aniwae!! haas!! that's e reason i bought it lahs!! wahahas!! after that we went walking round every surf shops just 2 fynd e shirt amy n hahlim wanted manz!! met sarah at pacific plaza wif her ex schmate, a nice guy as well!! cilnque along well wif us huh?? hees!! =)) i wanted 2 get a guess bag but i didnt coz i had doubts!! *GeEs!!* oo warteva!! haas!! okie that warteva words has a joke 2 it!! shall sae it sum others tyme!! =))

Finalli hahlim n keit turn up n we went over 2 PS 2 eat n all!! den end up walking back all e wae 2 cinea 2 mit ah bao, sin yi, berlinda , ryan n rome dere!! n we saw JOHN!! SHIN KONG!! haas!! *GUANG GUANG GUANG!!* hahahaa!! sunds coolz ah?? suits him coz he's cools!! hees!! den end up at youth n lastly back 2 batok 2 chill!! *WoOhOo!!*

it was SUPER tiring realli realli!! but yet i haf 2 sae it was a realli FUN n NICE outing alright?? thanki peeps!! U GUYS SIMPLY RAWKS HARDCORE MAX!! hees!! =)) btw it will alwaes b a memories that lies in mi alright?? unforgettable one!! hees!! =)) feelings pissed though coz i kant get those pics uploaded!! *FCUK UP!!* *ARGH!!* hate it hate it!! i wanna loads PICS!! *DaMn!!* okie i sound real pissed indeed ah?? haas!! cheers aniwae!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~