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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 @ 9:25 AM | 0 comments

Actualli its norte realli towning indeed but b4 mi n bestie end up at town, we were actualli studing at lot 1 LJS!! n guess warte!! tis tyme round, i was e 1 who fell asleep n tha's coz i was realli tired n i didnt sleep e whole BLOODY god darn daE!! haa!! =)) looking 4 e roses but fail 2 fynd it sho after were done wif evertingy, were on our wae 2 B3!! when we reach b3, it was sho quiet n onli awai was dere!! sho mi mi n bestie decided 2 make a trip 2 town 2 fynd e others!! hees!! sounda fun huh?? hees!! *BlEaHx!!*

Aniwae gorte sumtingy realli weird happen 2dae when i was on mi wae 2 gombak 2 mit bestie alright?? i was sitting in e train hearing mi mp3 when an office guy came 2 mi asking mi whether i was 1 of e contestant frm warte channel 8 super startingy!! i gorte all pzzle up n stunned suddenli den i said no im norte!! den he kept saeing i look realli alike that girl n all!! b4 he alight e train he ask mi again whether im realli norte a contestant or was i trying 2kip a low profile but i said that im norte n i apologise!! guess he felt kinda embarassed indeed!! poor him!! haas!! =))

On e wae 2 town, mi n bestie took sum pics coz were trying 2 kill tyme huh?? hees!! guess sho yeaps?? den we end up at yp!! n i finalli saw SARAH!! i miss her sho sho much!! hees!! =)) super HAPPI!! hees!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~