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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 @ 2:41 AM | 0 comments

1st of all!! im gonna wish mi precious fwen a HAPPI BURFDAE coz its her burfdae 2dae!! izzit lyk suppose 2 b belated or sumtingy coz i wont knw warte date mi post will show or sumtingy yeaps?? sorri i wasnt able 2 lyk treat u 2 a meal or sumtingy!! but its gonna b a treat real soon alright sweety!! its a OWING!! hees!! aniwae hope u did njoy okie?? hees!! as in njoy ur burfdae!! =)) ooo...ya realli kinda sweet of ur fwen 2 lyk sae abt e roses tingy yups?? cools ah!! hees!! =))

Back 2 posting!! okie warte izzit im suppose 2 post!! okie!! seh seh seh!! haa!! aniwae its kinda confused n relationship tingy r indeed confused!! im norte saeing tis coz im attach n in matta of fact, im NORTE ATTACHED!! hees!! but cing others in a realtionship n having those confused, unhappi, happi, contented faces n attidute!! all show mi that relationship kan tell 1 apart!! n i mean realli apart!! every1 ish scary!! though we kant judge a pple but its cover but e fact ish that every1 indeed ish SCARY!! just lyk NIGHTMARE!! mayb that happens onli 2 mi coz i kant tell warte others r tynking n all!! realli afraid n frighten!! *DAMN!!* =(( i miss liz okie?? simply loads!! its been a long tyme since i last saw u LIZ!! =)) super long!! hees!! wanna c u soon!! hees!! =))

im back in e east!! sho outta wif another buddi lotsa catching up 2 do n all yups?? n i mean SUPER loads!! alorte of tingy haf change!! tyme change, pple change!! that REALITY!! *SHITTIES!!* aniwae warte mores abt mi tynking of that person n all again n agian!! tyme n tyme again!! =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~