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Friday, July 21, 2006 @ 1:57 AM | 0 comments

Alright its bad coz i actualli spoil e pc screen at hm i guess n now e pc kant b use!! *DaMn!!* all mi bloody fault ah!! sho guess warte im lyk doin now?? im using a fwens laptop 2 lyk blog?? yeaps i am!! haas!! okie i knw it souns cocky n i mean real cocky!! aniwae hhope that e epics kan get updated or else i'll b lyk damn it fcuk up yuppies?? *GoSh!!* aniwae went town wif joanna 2dae n she bought shoes n i didnt buy anitingy!! *ArGh!!* e feeling of norte having money ish bad n i swaer its real BAD!! *HATE IT!!* =((

Last 2 daes studi wif mi bestie at batok n e 2nd dae of studi sounds real coolz alright?? coz he slept while i was studing den leaving mi dere 2 lyk EMO miself?? *WARTEVA!!* haas!! start wif that WATT n EVA tingy again?? haas!! =)) SUPER cutes!! Had sakae that dae wif mi bestie as well, darn filling but e food der ish real nice kan?? *YuM yUm!!* loving it loads!! =)) kant resist but 2 eat it again soon n i mean real soon!! hees!!

Tynking of him?? yesh i guess sho or shall i sae yesh ALORTE!! super LOADS ah!! i wanna c him soon n i mean soon!! styl waiting 4 e dae of reuniting n falling backs into his arms again n once again!! when will that dae cum?? *SaDiStIc!!* =(( waiting alwaes!! lyk duhz as in warte i told him i will WAIT!! n did u c n hear that word?? *WAIT!!* hoping that dae will cum!! *MiSsEs N wAiTiNg!!* =((

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