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~*A bIG mEmOrAbLe DaE!!*~ =))

Monday, August 07, 2006 @ 10:28 AM | 0 comments

ts was realli a most memorable dae 4 mi coz its beena long tyme eva since i went outta wif tis bunch of buddies!! sho happi ah!! n i hope mi buddi did njoy his burfdae yuppies?? coz on sat we went 2 celebrate his burfdae at cafe cartel, started loads of jokes dere wif ping wu arnd ah!! e hand stuck at e mrt, den wif val face being gap by e door!! *GoSh!!* couldnt control mi laughthers that it burst stright out loud n i mean LOUD at cafe cartel!! hahas!! sorri pple i didnt mean it but its realli farni ah!! LOL!! at 1st jason wasnt able 2 join us but in e end he join us when we went 2 watch e fireworks by e italian group at esplanade!! Aniwae i was kinda shock that 1 of mi buddi gorte a gf but i swaer she's realli a sweet girl alright?? looks pretty cuties n sweet as well!! nice knwing u girl!! =))

E funniest tingy was that i found outta he was indeed a romantic guy which i haf NEVER thot sho!! haas!! *OoPs...SoRrI!!* hees!! =p Btw mi special person join us along n i hope he did haf fun 2 coz i knw he was realli tired that dae yups?? but thanki 4 e compani though, realli appreciate it loadS!! hees!! after e fireworks, we went 2 singapore river, chill dere, drink n gaf mi buddi his burfdae PUNCHES!! guess its kinda pain yeaps?? but its natural 4 a burfdae boi!! e girls gorte thier share as well!! *WoOhOo!!* including mi n i accidentalli miss cue manz!! real sorri mi buddi!!

Jason was e longest i didnt c n he becum much quieter den i thot but during e punches he realli make a BIG jokes 4 us!! haas!! i've took down e video but i kant post sho it onli 4 mi 2 njoy it!! 2 bad guys!! hees!! aniwae i've gotta upload e group pics soon when i get it frm that special person coz he kept it in his digi cam yeaps?? i promise i will coz i love that pic alorte n i mean ALORTE!! n WEE TECK ur burfdae ish cuming outta sho be careful of those PUNCHES that r ahead of u!! wahahaz!!

After all e fun, i've gotta sae farewell 2 mi nuddies n leave 4 batok 2 chill wif e others, gorte dere, dere were loads of pple after that all went back leaving awai, mi n him!! chill at e playground n heard him toking 2 awai in malay though i was kinda asleep!! n he said abt mi making mi knw that how important am i 2 him!! ThANkI 4 making mi ur special sum1 as well!! *ChEeRs!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*Jasmand, RyLi,Patric n Ping Wu!!*~ * dey make mi dae!!* =))

~*E mOsT aRtIsTiC pIcTuRe!!*~ *Credits 2 wee teck!!* =))

~*KiSsEs 4 e BuRfDaE bOI!!*~ *nices pic!!* =))

~*ItS uS!!*~ *ChEeRs!!* =))

~*RyLi'S dReSsInG!!*~ *pic taken at buddi hse!!* =))

~*BuDdIeS tYmEs!!*~ *jasmand ish sleeping!! hees!!* =))

~*RyLi N wEe TeCk!!*~ *ChEeRs!!* =))

~*DaRk PiCtUrE!!*~ *ItS us!!* =))