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Saturday, August 05, 2006 @ 2:18 PM | 0 comments

Im blogging in now coz im busi lata n guess i wun haf e tyme 2 blog in e nyte yeaps?? hees!! Went 4 a swim at tampines 2dae n after e swim i kidna down wif a FLU n i mean a bad FLU!! *DAMN!!* i hate flu, i hate running nose, just makes mi wanna chop off mi precious nose!! though dey r precious 2 mi yuppies?? hees!! but sumtymes when ur sick as in having a flu, u just feel those nose of urs r irritating n dey makes u SLEEPY!! *ARGH!!* guess u guys whu haf flu knwsw arte i mean ryte?? hees!! =))

Aniwae hope that i will feel betta lata coz i've gotta head 4 TOWN n celebrate mi buddi burfdae, wun wanna e mode 2 b spoil manz!! coz of fcuking flu yeahx?? okie its gonna b mi last big meal 4 2dae n next wk on, it will b dieting...dieting...dieting lyk i sae coz im getting fat fat fat!!! haha!! sho food, i mean all food, get away, far far away frm mi coz im norte goin 2 eat u all animore!! *No More!!*

*Magical lamp tell mi warte im tynking, tell mi warte im wondering, tell mi warte im feeling now!! Tell mi everytingy, answer all mi question will u?? i realli nid 2 knw e ans!! every single ans of every sinlge question yuppies?? I knw that i haf that sum1 dere 4 mi alr, n i knw he'll b dere 2 b wif mi thru thick n thin, but ish that all i wanna?? ish that all i nid?? ish that all enuff 4 mi?? or ish dere more that i nid n i wanna?? i kant ans miself norte at all!! sho i nid u i mean desperateli nid u dere 2 help mi ans all e question!! *Help mi!**

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~