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Saturday, August 26, 2006 @ 2:04 AM | 0 comments

*WOW!!* I've just notice that i haf norte been blogging 4 a long long tyme!! Hees!! Partly that coz im outta n mi hm pc ish alwaes DOWN coz of that bloody BITCH!! *ArGh!!* fcuk up ah!! *DaMn!!* haas!! aniwae now that i've gorte 2 blog i shall blog all i kan!! okie 1stli tingy arent goin 2 right wae between mi n him!! i aint knw wartes wrong kan!! coz he doesnt wanna tell mi n i kant tell warte he's feeling ah!! i mean i knw that he has b but i dunch knw warte he's tynking coz he just wun sae!! He onli blows when he suddenli feels he kant take it animore!! n its lyk a all of sudden tingy?? kinda scary though!! n YESh i dunch understand whyee i get sho pissed sho often mayb coz he gets pissed sho damn easili over small lil tingy!! ish realli small i swear ah!! warte u xpect mi 2 do when im a hot tempered person?? nautral reaction, ish 2 BLOW!! i kant control that sorri!! i kant help it!! Perhaps coz im stress recently as well so i get tends up easili 2!! i dunch knw warte 2 sae or warte 2 do!! No 1 kan help mi in that xcept miself!! i trying 2 get over it yeahx?? bear wif mi alright?? sorri!! =((

Aniwae i was in town just now suppose 2 mit joanna n end up waiting 4 her at e skate park!! haas!! sho waited 4 her dere n tok 2 hahlim n an!! Btw hahlim gorte a neew RAINBOW bike!! haas!! its real nice!! nas, ruffy, john, n 2 others whom i do norte knw!! NAS gaf mi a real nice WELCUM!! haas!! thanki ah!! fynalli when joanna arrive we went 2 eat n hahlim n an join us!! after that luke, fabian n ryan came but that KEONG sho late lahs!! c i sho gddi cum earli fynd u den u sho late!! hahahaha!! he came onli when i go 4 dinner n back 2 youth that tyme!! haas!! Bought sin yi her gift but left it wif joanna n i've gotta go take it frm her tml!! *GoSh!!* im sure gonna b real tired ah!! but 4 sin yi nvm ah!! HeeS!! chill at youth watch dem play n all real fun okie!! n i've gotta sae i miss e ROJAK auntie at b3 kopitiam!! hahaha!! just suddenli thot of her!! hees!! =))

*Tell mi warte im feeling, tell mi warte am i doin n whether i doin e right tingy?? Tell mi warte ish e best solution, tell mi whether e path i choose ish right?? I dunch wanna do e wrong tingy animore!! I dunch wanna feel e wrong feeling, I hated e past feeling n i realli hated being kept in e dark, e darkness in mi realli pains mi!! When will i c e light?? i realli dunch knw, i realli realli do norte knw!! im trying, i realli am!! But e impression in mi wun leaves, in stays in n all e tyme!! N its realli driving mi crazi!! =((*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~