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~*In A bIg MeSsEd Up!!*~

Monday, August 28, 2006 @ 9:45 AM | 0 comments

Im realli confused n complicated i swear!! i dunch knw warte 2 do n i dunch knw warte am i suppose 2 do!! Realli dunch knw!! i knw i styl haf e heart 4 that person though it has past wae long tyme!! but i dunch c ani hope in us being 2gether that whyee im giving up but e hope in mi ish styl alive alright?? i just wanna tell u that im styl waiting n i didnt gaf up on u at all!! norte at all!! i aint sure whether ur styl reading mi blog but if u r den that's warte i wanna tell u alright?? N 4 those whu dunch knw n kept asking i shall tell u guys that im norte yet ATTACHED 2 that special person im refering 2!! not ATTACHED sho dunch kip asking alright??

How i wish just 1 dae u kan cum up 2 mi n tell mi warte u feel n how r u feeling!! All tis while im just tynking whether im e girl u styl nid by ur side n whether u styl feel 4 mi!! im trying hard norte 2 tynk animore but i doubt im able 2 do it!! its realli hard n i kan sae its e HARDEST n TOUGHEST tingy 2 do!! I thot i could put u down after all that haf happen but i dunch tynk im able 2!! everytingy abt u styl lies inside of mi n i mean realli inside of mi!! Incase u tynk that i aint bothering abt u den ur wrong kae?? coz all tis while i do n i bother!! sumhow i just wish u wld b back in mi arms!! just hoping that u will tell mi that actualli all tis while u wanted mi back wif u n im e 1 u realli nid!! im practicalli waiting n waiting all tis while!! tynking that u will drop mi an sms or sumtingy but i aint gorte ani frm u!! all i recieve ish calls that u wanted others hp no.!! infact hearing ur voice makes mi a lil contented alr!! e most tingy that hurt mi frm e inside ish ystd i heard frm sum1 saeing u use 2 tell him that a guy told u that he did sumtingy wif mi when its actualli norte true!! *WTF!!* that guy whu told u that kinda tingy realli deserve 2 get a kick in his bloody ASS!! i swear!! But hearing that u felt kinda hurt realli touch mi coz at least i knw u do care!! Though that all happen in e past but it styl do affects mi alright?? guess that's coz ur important 2 mi!! sho i just wanna tell u that e hope in mi being wif u again styl stays n im styl waiting!! never did i gif up!! never!! just wanna knw warte's ur tynking n feeling now!! realli hope 2 knw!! i want u back n i nid u!! *MiSsEs!!* =((

Alright sin yi's chalet was fun i swear!! i could c that she's indeed njoying herself loads that dae though sum of her fwens didnt turn up yeahx?? hey girl hope u lyk mi prezzie though its a lil small kae?? sorri!! her burfdae cake was unique though realli unique n its nice!! but most of e cake was use 2 smash into pple den 2 go into e stomache yuppiex?? haas!! poor wakana gorte mosh n all!! n while moshing ruffy actualli fall!! n he gorte injured!! but its farni though!! hees!! den dong lun throw mi wif cake n gorte sabo by wakana n ah bao n i've gorte toothpaste in e face n hair!! i swear it stinks big tyme!! haas!! sin yi gorte e worst wanna i guess!! haas!! aniwae its was fun till e morning!! =))

N i fynalli watch e movie GHOST GAMES!! a real nice n creeppy movie!! but I LIKE!! hees!! damn nice ah!! u guys shld go watch it!! nice nice nice!! but gruesome sho pple below 16 norte adviceable 2 watch!! wahahahas!!

*HaPpI bUrFdAe MiNdY n NaQiAh!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~