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~*R e BrIgHt SiDe ArRiViNg??*~ =))

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 @ 2:19 AM | 0 comments

*WoOhOo!!* i finalli gotta blog manz i mean realli FINALLI!! *GoSh!!* e comp was down 4 a few daes n i was outta as well sho i didnt haf e tyme 2!! aniwae njoy miself loads at e carnival at sarah's church! warte dae was that?? guess it was a sun ah?? yeap sundae sundae!! hees!! met that special person n gorte dere wif him!! n it was SUPER sweet of him 2 bought mi roses again n tis tyme its a pair of red roses!! damn BEAUTIFUL i swear!! thanki my special person n ur e SWEETEST!! *SwEeTiEz!!* After e carnival tingy we went over 2 his place 2 take sumtingy n headed 2 b3 coz watt haf gotta fix his bicycle!! that RICHY boi bought new parts again!! lyk FOREVER n eva n eva n eva eva!! haas!! okie sounds kinda irritating i knw!! LOLs!! =))

As 4 2dae, i headed 2 town 2 mit sarah n 1 of her fwen n as we were lyk sitting outside taka tis ladi wif a cam approach us saeing that she wanna take a individual pic of us 4 a after national dae event tingy!! no idea warte's that but nvm we help her after all!! hees!! den her fwen lyk gtg sho we went off 2 walk arnd 4 awhile waiting 4 lil fishy 2 head town as she had a job interview!! Im glad she managed 2 get e job n im seriousli happi 4 her!! *WhEe!!* dunch 4get ur 1st pae we haf 2 attack e NEW ASIA BAR sweety!! hees!! =)) n she's gonna try pull sarah into it!! that's sounds fun huh?? hees!! Finalli gorte over wif all e interview tingy n we headed 2 heereen 2 eat wanton mee!! haas!! norte veri nicce but nice!! Im styl tempted 2 PASTA MANIA!! *AhHhH!!* i wanna eat pasta mania soon!! n i mean REAL SOON!! i kant resist that temptation manx!! norrte at all!! *SaVe Me...SaVe Me!!* haas!! =))

Goin 2 far east as lil fishy had 2 get her clothings n shoes 4 work n mi n sarah simply walk n walk n walk wif her round n round n round!! i swear our legs were tired n i mean TIRED!! until we c a chair were lyk... chair, i want that chair!! wahahaz!! But it was fun though!! lil fishy gorte a jeans n she had 2 do sumtingy 2 her pains in e tailor shop n e uncle in e shop said im norte a singaporean n i sae YESH I AM!! im proud of SINGAPORE manz though it's kinda boring sumtingys!! wahahaz!! Sho i ask him warte country he tynks i was frm n he said INDONESIAN! OhHh manz!! His e 2nd person whu sae that!! guess its coz im getting tanner!! but im lovin' that!! *WoOhOo!!* Aniwae saw vivian 2dae n she said that i was getting BLACKIE!! warte a coolz word mans!! *BLACKIE!!* haas!! n she said that im cute 2 her fwen!! LOLs!! *THANKI VIVIAN!!* oo...ya i haf gotta do sumtingy 2 those eyebrowns of mine real soon lyk warte vivian said!! wahahaz!! =))

*Ish e darkness in mi goin off n ish e brighter side cuming ahead?? Ish e hatred in mi fading away or does it styl remains?? I've alr fall off, off e verge of e hopes of being wif u!! E battle as ended, e road off hopes has olso ended!! I've lost!! Yesh i did!! But i guess e brightest side ish heading my wae, e sun ish rising again, once again in my life!! Im able 2 c e sunlight once more just lyk b4, being kept in e darkness 4 sho long tired mi!! Its making mi weak cing e dead!! Now i kan c e light, e pple who r alive!! E happiness, e joy on e faces of e living!! Thanks MR geninue of leading mi e wae, leading mi e ath once again that im suppose 2 walk 2wards sho im able 2 c e light!! =))*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*RyLi N aMy!!*~ =))

~*RoSeS oF bEaUtY!!*~ =))

~*OuTtA 4 DiNnEr WiF bUddIEs!!*~ *That's beef pepper lunch!!* =))

~*Salmon pepper lunch 4 tis!!*~ *delicious indeed!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ =))

~*JaSmAnD n WeE tEcK aT LJS!!*~ *Buddies dining!! Hees!!* =))

~*E mOmEnTs At EcP!!*~ *Our shadows!!* =))

~*ItS uS iN e TrAiN!!*~ =))

~*RyLi N sArAhAnN!!*~ *She looks damn coolz wif her shades!! Hees!!* =))

~*RyLi In ShAdEs!!*~ *Hees!!*~ =))

~*TaKeN aT eCp MaC!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*ThE eNd!!*~ *Hees!!* =))