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Sunday, August 13, 2006 @ 10:02 AM | 0 comments

Im back 2 blogging fynalli!! Felt kinda werid norte being able 2 blog tis few daes!! hahaha!! sound cocky indeed but guess im filled wif loads in mi that e reason whyee i said i felt weird i guess!! hees!! Aniwae woke up rather earli ystd coz had 2 follow him go 2 gombak stadium jog, after that went 2 eat our breakfast n i gorte miself 2 eggs wif onion prata n i SWEAR its damn fillling kan?? *OMG!!* Gees!! felt sho bloated after that meal ah!! haas!! den we headed back, gorte prepared den went down 2 US 2 get him a haircut at jean yips as his fwen was working dere!! When we wrrived at US, we walk lyk rounds n rounds lyk a DUMBO looking 4 e shop!! Thanki god i said perhaps it was outside US n indeed it was!! *WTH!!* haas!! when we aarived at jean yip, 2 mi surprise i saw e CUTIEZ guy whom i use 2 knw when i was working at parkwae coz he use 2 work at e jean yip outlet dere!! haas!! n now he requested a transfer 2 US!! okie that sounds coolz ah!! haas!!

When we gorte dere amy's fwen had ting 2 do sho we walk arnd a lil 2 c e area at e same tyme c whether sin yi was working dere but she's norte!! all e walking makes mi tired sho we headed back 2 jean yip but his fwen styl wasn't free sho dey gorte mi fwen 2 cut 4 him!! LOL!! warte a coincidence kan?? *WARTEVA!!* haas!! we chat quite alorte infact coz it has been a long tyme since we met as well!! Mi fwen even said he wanted 2 do temporary curls 4 mi n he persuade mi 2 try it!! Since he was sincere i gaf him mi support sho he did those curls 4 mi n he didnt even charge mi 4 it!! *WTF!!* Thanki manz!! it was sho nice of him lahs!! *GoSh!!* aniwae im goin back dere tml 2 get those curls done 4 sum reason or sho!! hees!! =))

After evertingy was done, we headed back 2 woodlands 2 mit hahlim coz i misses HIM n his EMO hair!! haas!! Den when down 2 support mi fwen dancing in e hip hop comp yeaps?? i thot i was late but when i just arrived, she just started 2 dance!! Guess i was fated 2 c her dance manx!! *WoOhOo!!* Saeing hi 2 her, soon we left n gorte her farewell, we headed back 2 e mrt 2 mit mr CHAMPION!! hahaha!! aniwae had a lil quarrel wif him coz of sum reason, blew mi pressure 100% but luckili tings gorte betta!! Den it was towning 4 mi dress n we were basicalli walkingn walking n walking till i fynalli found e dress!! Eat pasta mania, delicious coz i finalli managed 2 eat it!! N it was all thanki 2 him yeaps?? U made mi dae!! =)) feeeling full, we headed 2 youth 2 mit Keong coz i promise 2 go fynd him!! haas!! poor guy whose knee hurt hardcore max!! Hopes it gets well real soon!!

Lights of f !! LJS here we cum n guesss who i saw dere?? That person!! YUPS!!! preciseli that person!! Cold war between us ish styl on eva since e dae evertingy ended, tingy arent goin well 4 both of us!! Lyk norte at all?? I realli dunch knw warte ish e cause of all tis u knw?? i reali dunch!! Whyee do tingy haf 2 turn outta tis wae?? i mean warte's wrong i just simply dunch understand!! Norte at all!! i mean by doin all tis makes u fill betta?? running away frm everytingy makes u feel betta?? if that ish sho den i've nth 2 sae!! speechless i guess!! Im just wondering when tis cold war wanna ends!!

i'll get pictures uploaded real soon pple!! I promise!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~