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Thursday, August 10, 2006 @ 10:36 AM | 0 comments

Just read up on matt's project about e frowns tingy n he nids 4 MILLIONS of frowns kan!! *GoSh!!* kan tell that he wanna tis project 2 turn outta realli beri well sho i realli hope u pple kan gif him ur support alright?? just taking pics of a frowns wun b that difficult after all ryte?? i gaf him a frown 2!! haas!! hope i did help u matt!! hees!! aniwae he has fynalli fynsh his letter O in e frown word n dere ish 2 or 3 more letters 2 go sho gif him ur support PPLE!! realli appreciate that loads!! aniwae guess im sticking hm 2dae coz i've gotta go 2 e tailor lata 2 do mi jeans n heading 4 a jog at east coast in e evening just lyk warte i did ystd!! guess warte den!! when i was jogging, i happen 2 lyk c sarah dere, warte a coincidence huh?? hees!! it was indeed!! =))

After e jog i headed back hm 2 take mi shower n.....PROOF, off 2 batok 2 fynd mi precious 1!! poor him was sick b4 that n luckili he gorte betta!! Otherwise im sure 2 drag him 2 c e doc 4 sure!! As i was on 2 wae 2 kembagan, e fireworks started n i saw it all frm e mrt station, it was beautiful i swear!! realli nice!! just kinda bring back e memories of cing e fireworks wif that person n e east side riders last yr during a national dae outting!! but that's all in e past n now its over!!

*All has alr gone wif e wind till a far away place that it will no longer cum back perhaps!! e empty promises u gaf mi disappointed mi hardcore MAX!! i dunchh knw warte 2 sae, just simply feel lyk he STUPID fool waiting 4 u when i knw u wun even cum back 2 mi n 2 fynd outta that u haf sum1 else in heart!! Guess that was e most hurting tingy eva!! *I SWAER!!* mi heart just shattared, shattered straight thru all e feelings i haf 4 u, preciseli every feelings!! that's whyee it realli hurts mi that much coz ur an IMPORTANT person 2 mi in mi heart that point of yme but now?? i guess norte alr!! lyk i said, i've lost!! lost e battle n i've neber thot of fighting back, no longer!! i gif up, i surrender!! i dunch wanna feel e hurt, e pain i use 2 haf b4, its realli uncomfortable, it realli pains mi inside n i mean inside!! Sho i just wanna get over it, over e darkness 2 c e sunlight!! *EMOTINOAL!!* guess that's e words!! =((*

aniwae gorte sum pics uploaded frm jasmand burfdae!! hees!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*JaSmAnD, RyLi, PaTrIc N pInG wU!!*~ *Cuddlies!!* =))

~*SiDe ViEw PoTrIaT oF uS!!*~ *I lyk e smile on jasmand's face!! Hees!!* =))

~*KiSsEs 2 E pReCios bUrFdaE bOi!!*~ *Happi burfdae buddi!! haas!!* =))

~*SnAp TwIsT!!*~ *i wasn't readi 4 tis shot sho its a candid shot!! that's whyee e expression on mi face looks weird!! hees!!* =))

~*WaTcHiNg FiReWoRkS aT eSpLaNdE aFtEr E cElEbRaTiOn!!*~ *Fireworks frm itali!! hees!!* =))

~*WaRtE aCtIoNs??*~ *Dere another candid shots!! haas!!* =))

~*PiNg Wu GeTtInG rEaDi 2 GiF oUr BuRfDaE bOi BuRfDaE pUnChEs!!*~ *Act cools manz ping wu!! hees!!* =))

~*ThAt JaSoN pUnChInG jAsMaNd!!*~ *But we gorte a candid shot of that indeed!! haas!!* =))

*Btw a gentle reminder, go send ur frowns 2 matt n u kan view e web of http://4millionfrowns.livejournal.com!!*