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Friday, August 04, 2006 @ 9:49 AM | 0 comments

Okie im lyk super tired, tiredness frm hell wanna!! trying 2 get sum sleep real soon coz i've just gorte back frm e west!! Guess im growing fatter coz i've been eating loads n loads!! wahahaz!! kan't resist e temptation!! No i KANT!! *Help me...Help me!!* hees!! gotta cut down after a BIG meal tml at e same tyme i'll b able 2 save cash!! hees!! =))

Just log in mi friendster account n i recieve a testi frm sin yi saeing...mrs amy?? sounds cutiez kan?? hees!! aniwae amy that name sounds rather unique indeed till 1 of mi fwen kant belief his name ish that!! hhaha!! actualli its just his nick name rytes?? *BlEaHx!!* kip up that name though!! aniwae took loads of pics wif him n i'll try 2 get e pics n post up real soon coz e cam ish norte wif mi!! hees!! =))

*Shld i leave e world of darknessor shld i kip a lil in mi?? im tynking n im wondering, warte am i suppose 2 do?? N warte shld i do?? Yesh i admit that im happi 2 c e living, e lights once again but i just feel that i shld tyl leave that lil darkness in mi!! E memories of darkness that's all im asking 4!! Im norte planning 2 kip alorte but just a lil n i mean a lil!! *DAMN!!* i hate tis kinda tingy n i mean i realli HATE IT!! *FCUK!!* messed up by everytingy n everyytingy i mean!! *ARGH!!**

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