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~*WhYeE tInGy MuSt tUrN oUtTa tIs WaE!!*~ =((

Thursday, August 31, 2006 @ 6:50 AM | 0 comments

Izzit true that e world ish neber fair?? Whyee isnt when u realli love that person haf feelings 4 that person, he aint e 1 4 u?? n u just haf 2 simply b dere 2 feel e pain n all!! N when e person whu actualli love u e most haf 2 bear e pain when he or she dunch deserve tis kinda treatment?? i simply dunch understand n dunch get it!! Kan sum1 plz tell mi whyee?? im serioulsi getting tired of all tis tingy that's goin on in mi life!! Realli tired!! one just go n e other just cum!! tis ish realli driving mi crazi!! realli goin insane over all tis!! *YESH!!* pple alwaes tell mi let bygones b bygones n i've indeed let go of e past n now e present cum n i've gotta feel e same again!! I just wanna a piece off mine just b wif sum1 whu indeed e 1 4 mi!! But all again i c ish darkness!! e darker side of mi life!! *SICK, TIRED, PISSED, STRESS, CONFUSED, UPSET, DEPRESSED, HURT.......* im all messed up!! A mixture of feeling!! driving mi nuts mans!! *GoSh!!* Getting a bad headache i swear!! a bad 1!! =((

I knw that i've deepli hurt sum1, sum1 whu love mi alorte n putting alorte of hope in it n oz of mi, proof all e hopes had been shattered!!, Gone!! all GONE!! Whyee did i becum sho heartless, whyee?? i aint lyk that im norte!! *ScReAmS!!* warte am i suppose 2 do?? i choose tis wae outta coz i dunch wana go on hurting him no wae. no more!! all e quarrel started all becoz of mi n tis kant go on manz!! *NO NO NO!!* i swear i nid sumtyme 2 tynk over evertingy!! 2 tynk warte i nid n whu i realli nid den 2 go on wif all e stress n konfuused!! All i nid ish just sumtyme 2 tynk over stuffy alright?? i hope u realli understand at e same tyme 2 reflect on everytingy u do!! if u realli love mi den i tynk u shld understand mi!! n understand how i feel!! sorri ish all i could sae 4 now n thanki!! =((

Was at sarah's ystd n i was kinda down n bored sho i did a letter n mi arm!! 1st it was draw wif a marker n e other 1 ish done using a hair pin!! i tynk e pain ish nth compare 2 warte im feeling inside of mi now!! e pain ish nth!! sarah did hers 2!! were alwaes entertaining ourselves wif lame doin!! haas!! but that's us!! i dunch knw whyee i will cum outta wif that idea but i just knw that's warte in mi mind at that point of tyme sho that came outta of mi mind!!! Sounds dumb though!! haas!! Gorte those pics uploaded as well!! hees!! its dedicated 2 one person!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*E one wif e marker n e one wif e hair pin!!*~ =((

~*E one using marker 2 draw!!*~ =((

~*Tis ish e one using e hair pin 2 draw on!!*~ =((

~*WeSt SiDe rIdErs At SiN yI pArTi!!*~ *Hees!!* =))