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~*AcTiOnS mEaN mOrE dEn WoRds!!*~

Sunday, September 24, 2006 @ 10:20 AM | 0 comments

Actions means more den words sho warte r those actions n all means?? Warte r dey trying 2 sae or r dey trying 2 hint yeaps?? izzit just sumtingy that was suppose 2 happen?? Realli puzzled indeed!! Solving all that mystery jap words making mi confused n tired manx!! wahahaha!! Realli brain storming kinda sentence ah!! *GoSh!!* But im doin taht coz i fynds it interesting indeed!! hehehe!!

Aniwae i knw of a person whu ish reading mi blog coz sum1 tell mi yeaps?? hey girl, all i kan sae ish dunch feel upset or warte yeaps?? just moves on n live on alright?? Dunch eva do anitingy silly 2 hurt urself over sum problems kae?? Try 2 tok tingy outta or try 2 solve e problems n norte by hurting urself coz it wun help u solve those problems yeahx?? Take karez of urself alright sweetie?? Though i do norte knw u but i hope mi advices kan help yarhx?? =)) u n him may norte mi couples but at least u guys r styl fwens yeahx?? sho whyee norte just treasure that friendship ryte?? *ChEeRs!!*

Happi that i've manage 2 spend mi tyme wif him e whole of ystd yeaps?? thanki 4 accompaning mi e whole whole dae though after that u went riding cum chilling after that yeahx?? But i dunch mynd at all yeaps?? coz i realli did njoy miself wif u alright?? i realli did!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~