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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 @ 9:16 PM | 0 comments

Was outta e whole dae ystd sho didnt had 2 tyme 2 blog!! Came back i was alr super tired n simply just slept all e wae 2 eveing 2dae n went 4 jogging yeaps?? hehehe!! *GoRe!!* Basicallli i was lyk outta in e west as usual miting mi boi go 2 JP walk arnd n fooling arnd in those toys n kids places!! We were lyk CHILDISH, i swear we were but i LYK n i simply njoy it yarhx?? hehehe!! laughing outta loud n all cing warte we were norte suppose 2 c in a shop!! hahaha!! Coz a couple was lyk hanky panking dere!!! wahahaha!! i swear its farni coz it was mi whu actualli interuppted!! i knw its bad but oops!! sorri guys!! hahaha!!

E shocking tingy was i saw mi ex collegue working at JP in UTOPIA!! i swear n bet its a nice n coolz shop coz i lyk e clothing design dere yeaps?? hehehehE!! u guys shld go 2 e shop n check it outta!! Dere r 3 location, 1 at Jurong Point, far east n parkwae parade yeahx?? hehehe!! Hey im lyk promoting 4 u guys sials!!! wahahaha!! Aniwae after that we headed 2 a doc coz mi boi had 2 go n c a doc coz of his knee yuppies?? Poor guy manx!! he kant realli ride alr as in 4 e moment lorx!! i knw he feels kinda unhappi yuppies?? But i'll b dere 4 him all e wae yeahx?? as long as he nids mi!!

I dunch wanna bother warte other pple tynk i dunch wanna bother warte dey sae abt mi yeaps?? I just wanna b happi i wanna feel fyne n all!! I had enuff of those stress alr!! n im tired sho i realli hope that u guys kan gif mi a break alright?? Taht's all i ask 4!! *ThAnKi!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~