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Saturday, September 09, 2006 @ 4:29 PM | 0 comments

For a moment, i finalli felt kinda relieve coz i've gorte all e stress of mi head 4 e moment!! Gorte pissed 4 e pass few daes n i realli couldnt take it!! Goin crazi n goin nuts i swear!! *ArGh!!* Warte 4 all e sorries?? Everytyme u do sumtingy wrong u tell mi sorri den isnt it lyk u go FUCK other girls den cum n tell mi sorri olso?? Logical ryte?? That's whyee all e sorries i just getting simply sick of dem alr!! *SaVe Mi MaNz!!* E attidute u haf ish getting wae outta of kontrol in mi n e worst of all ur pushing all e blames 2 mi!! *WTF!!* i getting sick n tired n sho r u ryte lyk u told sum pple in ur sms sho, sho b it lahz!! tingy fynalli turn outta e wae u wanna it 2 b isnt it?? *SUCKY!!*

Alright back 2 ystd stuffy!! Went outta wif sum1 ystd, had loads of fun realli njoy it alorte!! Brought up mi whole mood yeaps?? i swear it did!! Created loads of jokes n laughter all e wae 2gether wif his bro as well!! Hehehe!! realli appreciated e gift being bought 2!! n im gonna QUIT warte im suppose 2!! *No MoRe!!* Coz its bad n im getting sick of it!! *EeKs!!* Weather was bad ystd n it rain in town sho every 1 at youth had 2 go off earli yeaps?? Bad!! Coz i've gotta part wif him!! feeling reluctant but no choice!! hehehe!!

Finalli, e cold war ended!! It's over!! *YeAhX!!* I kant belief warte im cing manx!! Just 2 at least knw that were styl fwens n were styl toking!! i've waited 4 tis daes sho sho long n now its finalli arrived!! realli happi i swear manx!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~