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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 @ 5:55 PM | 0 comments

Met him 2dae!! haas!! That's e happi tingy n moreover grte tingy clarify n it was alright!! Every tingy was over n all e misunderstanding ish no longer dere!! Just glad that warteva he sae wasnt real or else i realli dunch knw warte 2 do!! hehehe!! Chilling has becum lyk part of mi lifestyle that's 4 sure!! hees!! here n dere i go im simply chilling here n chilling dere!! warte's all that manx!! hees!! unbelievable manx!! wahahaha!!

2dae ish lyk a sleeping dae 4 mi manx!! simply slept 4 abt lyk 14 hours but im styl tired yeahx?? sleeping 2 lil makes mi tired, sleeping 2 much olso makes mi tired sho warte am i 2 do sho that i wun feel tired yarhx?? hehehe!! guess i'll styl just sleep sleep sleep u yeaps?? hehehe!! that's styl e onli wae yuppies??

I've gotta go shopping real soon n i mean real soon!! Coz i feel that im lagging back on all those style those clothing n everytingy yeaps?? i nid those clothings, i nid those shoes, bags n everytingy yarhx?? hahaha!! *SHOPPING SPREE SOON!!*

~*SiMpLiCiT y RyLi!!*~