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Saturday, September 23, 2006 @ 8:17 AM | 0 comments

I've fynalli gorte mi new blog wall paper done!! It took mi hours manx!! *GoSh!!* Now mi back ish hurting lyk frm hell ah!! *DaMn!!* Guess im getting old though!! Wahahaha!! Aniwae i was studing e whole bloody dae till 2dae earli morning yuppies?? Gonna sae that im SUPER stress ah!! Luckili i had mi childhood buddi 2 help mi along wif mi maths if norte i tynk i'll simply die outta stress of norte knwing how 2 solve those tough question!! *ThAnKi BuDdI!!* His mi super motivator yeaps?? *CoOlX!!* 1st were lyk at siglap amc studing, den after that 2 starbucks n den 2 gelare!! Feel that were simply lyk studi travellers manx!! n after that worst of all 2 ECP!! MI usual hang outta nowadaes manx!! wahahaha!!

Were studing n studing till i couldnt take it n i gaf up!! After all e studing 3 of us stop studing n we starting toking abt gays!! hahaha!! i swear its super farni ah!! Coz i laugh till of mi tears starting cuming outta frm mi eyes!! hahaha!! Coz both of dem r frm guys sch sho dey had lotsa GAYS experiences!! wahaha!! 1 of dem even attracted loads n loads of GAYS though he's norte 1 n his happily attached 2 his girl!! hehehe!! Hearing his experiences wif GAYS realli sound coolz but scary though!! hahaha!! Sho i was telling him that he realli has those attractive looks that GAYS r after!! wahahah!! guess he gotta b real careful wif GUYS!! =))

Dunch knw warte's bloody wrong wif mi manx!! i kant sleep n i simply kant!! im tired but awake lahx!! *FCUK!!* gotta try sleep lata no matta warte yuppies?? hehehe!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~