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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 @ 1:46 PM | 0 comments

I just dunch understand n i realli dunch get it!! Whyee must pple alwaes act gddi infront of a person, treating damn well, tok 2 dem n all when behind u dey sae sho mani FCUKING baddi tingy abt u?? Do dey gain anitingy frm doin all tis?? Warte kinda reward will dey get?? Hey pple kan u tell mi?? Coz i simply catch no balls abt it at all!! Its realli scary manx i swear do knw that such pple r arnd u!! Feeeling hurt 2!! Especialli warte dey sae behind u r simply harsh harsh words ah!! *GoSh!!* I didnt expect sumtingy will happen n i didnt expect gosippers 2 b GUYS ah?? *OMG!!* Its realli getting e creeps outta mi!! Usualli girls r alwaes e 1 whu do tis kinda tingy but i guess im realli wrong abt tis concept all tis while yeaps?? *EeEkSsS!!* I realli kant accept it!! *AhHhH!!*

Warte i kan onli sae ish 2 fynd outta e truth n knw warte's e problem between everytingy den SHOOT n sae pple alright?? Norte eveybodi relationship ish as simply as warte u all ttingy n when person break up in a relationship dere must b a reason 2 whyee dey break n warte causes it!! Sho fynd outta 1st or perhaps dunch bother abt it n dunch gif ani COMMENTS coz its between e both couple n dey shld settle tingy demself n between dem alright?? *DaRn!!* N plz stop goin round telling pple tingy kan?? i dunch wanna entertain all those reason after u telling dem warte happen yeaps?? I mean im norte sae angri or warte but ish just that if u put urself in mi positions how will u feel?? Ryte anorte??

All i kan sae a person whu do norte admit his mistakes will neber learn n change warte he's wrong yeaps?? That whyee pple alwaes sae 1 shld alwaes learn frm their mistakes yuppies?? Listen 2 it anorte ish simply up 2 u!! i haf no rytes 2 kare n bother sho tis ish all warte i kan sae yeahx?? Do go tynk abt it arlight??

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~