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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 @ 6:03 AM | 0 comments

Okie hse comp cock up again!! *HaTrEd!!* n yesh definateli i hate that kinda tingy 2 happen 4 sure coz i kant blog!! Sho im blogging at mac kan u belief it?? hahaha!! Mani tingy has happen as least 4 once i felt e happiness once again that dae!! cuddling, e kisses n all!! I wanna feel that wae again again again!! =)) misses those tymes lots!!

Didnt c him 4 2 daes yeahx?? n i've fynalli able 2 mit him 2dae!! Spend e dae wif him playing pool at JE n i've WON!! a 4-3 game!! Coolz huh?? 2 bad sweetie piex i won on our 1st pool game!! hahaha!! u've gotta win mi back e next tyme round alright?? We olso went 4 a walk at IMM n we realli had lotsa craze tymes dere!! Wonderful isnt it?? hey pple dont get jealous!! wahahaha!! Thanki 4 e LJS meal n we realli did ate alorte huh?? i swear i was bloated huh?? But im styl tempted 2 e popiah tingy sho i wanna it e next tyme round alright?? its a deal!! I dunch kare!! hehehe!! Aniwae realli njoy miself wif u 2dae n i hope u did 2!! Norte gonna 4get every moment we spent 2gether yeahx?? =))

*Gonna look 4ward 2 those brighter daes n im hoping i will, trying 2 leave e past behind mi n i hope i kan!! i dunch wanna drop ani more tears n i dunch wanna feel e pain in mi animore!! Im trying realli hard, realli realli hard coz i knw e hope 4 us ish no longer dere that's whyee i choose 2 move on!! =((*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~