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Friday, September 15, 2006 @ 6:42 PM | 0 comments

Ya im lyk recentli planning on 2 chalet tingy yeahs?? sure kinda confused n mix up wif e dates n all yeahx?? Ooo...Gosh kan sum1 plz help mi make a decision n decide on it?? hahaah!! alright i realli haf no idea n i dunch knw yeahx?? But im trying mi bestie 2 lyk go plan n settle those tingy yuppies?? Dunch worri guys i will let u guys knw e final decision n e dates real soon alright?? hehehe!! =))

Aniwae im kinda surprise receiving berlinda testi yeaps?? Damn happi ah i swear!!! If onli i kan get 2 go outta wif her real soon im gonna b more happi den anitingy else manx!! hehehe!! Okie back 2 e topic!! ydts was a super FCUK up dae yeaps?? 1 of mi fwen gorte beaten up by a group of digusting gangster which looks simply a turn off lahx!! Sho warte if he's a burfdae boi on that dae?? Does that means that he kan lyk go round anihow beating pple?? that's ridiculous i swear ah!! ish lyk WTF!! Kant he or that bloody group of ah bengs tynk properly b4 dey do anitingy yarhx?? i realli kant tynk of that kinda childishness dey haf ah!! Whyee?? *CHILDISH FREAKS!!* how old alr styl kennot tynk mehs?? wahh liaoz!! Cing mi fwen being beaten up n dere was nth i could do ish that i felt realli bad coz cing e tears drop frm his eyes, i kan feel how pain n how upsad he ish yeaps?? im sho sorri alright?? Those guys ought 2 get beaten up as soon as possible yuppies?? if norte dey kan just go in sitting in those jail lahx ah!! neber grown up guys!!

Just gorte up sho i decided 2 blog in yeaps?? That''s e point!! Aniwae back 2 those planning yuppies?? =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~