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~*PpLe ArNd R sCaRy!!*~

Monday, September 11, 2006 @ 8:05 AM | 0 comments

Okie i swear pple arnd r realli scary!! Loads of lyk 2 faces pple, back stabbers, hypocrites n all!! Whyee must pple or humans b lyk that?? Kant dey just b warte dey r?? Lyk just mind thier OWN bloody business?? Since dey r sho free 2 care abt others whyee norte just care abt themselves ryte?? Dunch a person haf their opinion point of view whu dey choose 2 b wif n whu dey wanna b wif?? *GoSh!!* Now i knw whyee mi fwens will sae that humans r indeed CUNNING creaturres!! I realli dunch understand i guess!! That's e reason whyee its hard 2 trust e pple arnd u but except 2 onli trust urself coz u knw u wun betray urself!! Arent im ryte?? *DaMn!!*~

Im goin 2 prove e others wrong, dey r wrong abt mi!! I kant belief warte i've heard yeaps?? But i wanna tellu guys whu i choose n wanna b wif ish mi BLOODY problems sho no point pin pointing at one another!! Its norte worth a shit saeing in pple's back when u kan just sae infront of dem?? itsnt it easier?? I sounds kinds sarcastic huh?? but i LYK sho whu cares!!

Quarrel wif mum 2dae!! Sick n lazi of it!! Just becoz of a lil matta n i swear she's super XIAO QI!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~