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Friday, September 22, 2006 @ 6:43 PM | 0 comments

Yeaps we.ve gotta face reality yarhx?? Lotsa tingy haf happen n yesh it did!! While reading mi blog that dae frm e dae i 1st read it, i realise tymes has pass real fast!! N i've realise loads n loads of tingy has happen in mi life, realising how much i've gone thru realli tell mi that e experiences i've had ish realli 2 much 2 knw n e impact i had was 2 much e take!! But i belief im moving on n yesh im realli moving on!! I dunch wanna stay in e darkness or e past animore!! i realli tired of tynking, realli tired of holding on e hopes n all yeaps?? Choosing 2 love u that much was realli mi mistakes coz i realli been hurt by u alorte alorte!! frm e dae u left i've neber gaf up winning ur love back but knwing all that u've been thru, i tynk i no longer stand aniwhere or ani places in ur heart sho dere izzit!! But im glad that were styl fwens now n im realli glad 2 knw that!! hehehe!! =))

N im glad that we both r moving on wif our lives n guess we shld just simply leave all e tingy 2 fate lyk its suppose 2 b yeaps?? OKie im realli tired n lazi 2 go outta 2dae though i knw its a FRI n its considered as a WKEND!! But i just 2 lazi yeaps?? perhaps e lack of sleep n all yearhx?? hehehe!! =)) sho i choose 2 stay hm insted n haf enuff sleep n all!! hahaha!! Gonna save money 2 go shopping real soon coz its been realli a long long tyme eva since i when shopping spree alr!! *GoSh!!* Tynk of that i realli feel sho sucky coz no shopping 2 mi means simply no life at all ah!! hahaha!! =))

Im goin 4 mi jog lyk soon after i gorte those songs in mi mp3!! hahaha!! im kiping healthy though!! Actualli its coz i ate 2 much that whyee!! hahaha!! DIET DIET DIET!! that warte i nid 2 do yeaps?? n 2 SAVE SAVE SAVE money!! coz i nid 2 go SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING manx!! hahaha!! =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~