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~*ReAlLi IsH 2 xPeCt e UnExPeCtEd!!*~

Friday, September 29, 2006 @ 5:42 PM | 0 comments

Pple arnd mi r getting scary n i kan simply feel e chill running down mi spine!! All e goosebumps r starting 2 cum outta manx!! I just dunch get it whyee r dey lyk tis?? whyee dey haf 2 go 2 e extend of having 2 sae all those words n doin all those kinda action?? Will u guys simply gain n earn sumtingy frm it?? Whyee kant i simply bring miself 2 do all these?? especialli 2wards mi fwen, no matta how baad dey r i kant!! Aint lyk u pple yarhx?? realli aint lyk at all!! Disappointment lies i mi when i heard warte's happen n i kant take e fact n belief it!! But now i knw i haf 2 n i knw where i stand!! Now i realli realli knw!! im aint an important person 2 u guys at all simply norte at all!! All e feelings n sadness gush up 2wards mi but i guess i just haf 2 take e fact yeaps?? =((

Ystd was damn fun manx!! Hahaha!! Met up wif a fwen, when 4 steamboat 2 celebrate an advance burfdae den after dinner happen 2 recieve a kal frm mi step bro asking whether i'll lyk 2 join dem(sarah,marchus n mel) go 2 KTV 2 celebrate mel's burfdae n i said i was fyne wif that!! Arrrive dere n met bro n mel at nydc n we headed 4 party world!! Sang loads, laugh alorte, craze alorte!! Realli felt sho happi wif dem!! Coz dey realli kan let mi 4get all those unhappi tingy n leaving wonderful n fun tymes in mi!!! *THANKI GUYS!!* u all realli rawks manx!!

Im feeling happi 4 once coz when e clock strike 12 am 2dae, its mi special dae!! n that special dae ish simply mi BURFDAE!! *WoOhOo!!* Sho happi, sho happi yeaps?? its lyk a 1 yr once tingy n i hope that i'll njoy it tis yr yeaps?? though e bestie burfdae i had last yr i hope tis yr will b 1 of e bestie 2 yarhx?? hehehe!!

*HaPpI bUrFdAe RyLi!!*
~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~