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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 @ 11:25 AM | 0 comments

*Whyee do i haf 2 hear those words?? whyee am i alwaes e person whu haf 2 face tis kinda tingy?? i dunch get it n i dunch understand!! Hurts once isnt that enuff 4 mi 2 bear e pain thru e 8 mths relationship n e 5 mths of waiting?? Fynalli moving on n now i've gotta hear those kinda words that seems hurting?? Realli dunch understand n i dunch get it?? Yesh i belief in KARMA that warte goes arnds cums arnds!! But ish that e wae i've gotta knw such tingy?? Dunch understand n dunch get it?? Warte am i 2 do?? Warte e ryte tingy im suppose 2 do?? I kant bear 2 tynk of a wae outta n all!! realli no!! *ScReAMs!!* im running away frm e pain n now its back?? simply guess that pain i use 2 feel ish running back 2wards mi n im goin 2 live mi whole life in darkness!! Guess its seems that e wae tingy r goin 2 happen!! *PiSsEd!!**
Wassup wif those life im having now?? warte am i 2 do 2 make it betta?? n tingy r goin 2 stay tis wae no matta when or warte?? ish tis warte i kal reality n i haf 2 face it?? ish tis e onli wae outta?? *DaMn!!* I hate all tis tingy goin on n im simply tired n lazi 2 bother alr!! i just wanna a normal living life!! NORMAL LIVING LIFE UNDERSTAND!! *FcUk!!* That's all im asking 4!! Kant i BLOODY haf dem?? e peace, e quietness, e freeli moments, e lights?? all of dem?? im tired of everytingy n im giving up realli giving up!! Dunch persuade mi pple!! save it n save that effort coz mi decisions ish SET n its FINAL!! *OvEr!!*

C no more!! No more pain, no more of evertingy!! i hate it hate it!! *HaTrEd!!* that's whyee e hatred alwaes lies in mi!! n it will alwaes b!! =((

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~