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Thursday, September 07, 2006 @ 10:23 AM | 0 comments

Im back 2 blogging once again yeaps?? its been lyk sho long eva since i blog yeahx?? guess tingy r getting betta 4 mi but norte that gddi yetx sho far!! Aniwae i was lyk busi wif studing, accompaning mum, staying at sarah's, therefore i didnt had e tyme 2 blog yeaps?? But no worries i've RETURN!! hahaha!! Stayed at sarah's that dae n we had loads of fun making over ourselves!! Its kinda cocky n though i was feeling tired yawning a few tymes but after all i realli njoy e whole process n all!! Hey girl, thanki 4 cuming outta wif that fun suggestion yuppies?? hehehe!! Busi putting on e make-ups, changing into black dressing coz we wanna look scary!! *WhEe!!* but sarah realli looks scary, as 4 mi nah i dunch!! i swear i dunch!! coz i was 2 tired 2 doll up!! hehehe!! After all e dolling n changing of clothings, we were readi 2 get ours shots!! Sum pics were taken wif mi hp while others wif sarah cam!! i swear its real coolz manx!! i've neber done sumtingy lyk that b4!! hehehe!! After all e shots r being taken, we remove all e tingy n went 2 get rest!! hahahaha!! =))

Stay at mum's ystd n gorte hm onli earli in e morning sho i basicalli slept e whole dae yeaps?? until 10 plus in e morning, mum suddenli kal mi up 2 tell mi that she packet food 4 mi when she onli left a lil cash!! Planning 2 go on diet, i couldnt bear 2 throw e food away coz it was mum whu bought sho i ate dem!! *YuMmI!!* i felt love in e food!! hehehe!! *Im LoViNg It!!* hehehe!! Heading 4 a jog n down 2 b3 2 mit sarah n e others!! n i've gorte a real BIG hit frm gary manx!! i swear its realli painful but now i fyne sho no worries!! Im strong manx pple!! hahaha!! Caught e last train n i met mario at kembangan, go 2 hong kong cafe 2 eat n e food was realli delicious!! n its was mi 1st tyme goin dere manx!! *WoOhOo!!* Gotta go back dere eat again sumdae yeahx?? hehehe!! Den on e wae back we met fareq chat a lil n xiao yu came 2 join us!! tok n tok till fareq headed hm leaving onli mi, yu n mario, sho we went 2 ecp our usual hang outs 2 chill n chat!! hehehe!! tyme realli pass sho fast n it was dawn manx!! that tells mi that i've gotta go hm!! hehehe!!

Here i am back hm blogging fynalli again!! N i've gotta sae i miss SIN YI n BERLINDA!! i haveb seen dem both 4 a long long tyme yeahx?? realli long i swear!! especialli BERLINDA!! *GoSh!!* Aniwae of 2 get sum rest now!!! btw pple WATT ish real CUTIES!! hahahaha!! =))

*HaPpI BuRfDaE dArRyL mY bElOvEd BrOtHeR!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

~*Taken frm bottom view!!*~ =))

~*Tis pic has half flash light effect!!*~ =))

~*RyLi N sArAhAnN!!*~ *Were doin farni faces!! Hees!!* =))

~*Both of us r being emo!!*~ =))

~*Sticking those tongues outta!!*~ *BLeAhX!!* =))

~*Acting cuties n innocence!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*There we go again!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*Taken frm an angle I LIKE!!*~ *Haas!!* =))

~*Im falling in LOVE wif e GUITAR!!*~ =))

~*A word 2 describe tis ish.....GORE!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*E makeover image of RyLi!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*SaRaHaNn after e makeover!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*Looking fierce 2 scare u pple away!! *Hees!!* =))

~*She loves e guitar as well!!*~ =))

~*Starring at u pple!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*Looking GORE 2gether!!*~ =))

~*RyLi image reflection!!*~ =))

~*Taking picture again!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*Guitar simply rawks!!*~ =))

~*Feeling sweets!!*~ =))

~*Im crawling back 2 u!!*~ *Hees!!* =))

~*Sunglasses rawks my world as well!!*~ =))

~*Feeling emo!!*~ =((

~*Before e makeover!!*~ =))