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Monday, September 25, 2006 @ 9:05 AM | 0 comments

*WOW!!* im up super eari 2dae yeahx?? dunch knw whyee olso but that's it!! Studing till quite late ystd in mi room n doin sum planning tingy!! 4 a moment i was lyk damn into mi work den dere came sumtingy that im alwaes afraid of!! *A FLYING COCKROACH!!* it came flying into mi hands den i started screaming at e top of my voice in e middle of e nyte lyk 3 am?? ya 3 am!! hahaah!! warte an assholes ryte?? but i was 2 scared 2 bother!! wahahah!! get mi grandpa 2 help mi catch it but by e tyme he gorte dere, it escape n i didnt dere 2 sleep in e room alr!! Sho i slept in e living room!! n as i was abt 2 fall asleep mi uncle started saeing "E cockroach cum outta alr, under e fan under e fan!!" n dey started cataching it, spraying it wif sheltox n all!! super farni scene manx!! wahahaha!!

Guess warte?? Mi grandpa just catch it up wif his hands!! norte even scared at all!! *WTF!!* arent he lyk scared of it or sumtingy?? *GoSh!!* he even disturb mi by bringing it close 2 mi!! n dere i go again started screaming at e top of mi voice manx!! Auntie gorte abit pissed off n she said..."such a big person scared of sumtingy smaller den mi!!" Hey BITCH!! wtf r u toking abt?? everybodi ish definateli scared of sumtingy in life ryte?? dunch just lyk look down on pple manx!! *Warteva!!*

Guess im simply goin 2 rot miself at hm 2 studi 2dae yeahx?? kant mit mi boi 2dae coz he's lyk working sho no choice yeaps?? but im able 2 c him tml sho its norte that bad after all!! after all e blogging, im goin 2 lyk studi again!! im tynk i starting 2 lyk hm where dere ish onli peace n quiet!! 4 sure no nagging included yeaps?? hehehe!! =))

*I mIsSeS mI bUdDi!!* =))

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~