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~*ChAlEt NyTeS!!*~

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 @ 2:40 PM | 0 comments

Didnt blog 4 real long yeaps?? n that's coz mi pc ish a lil SCREW up!! But aniwae im back 2 blogging!! hehehe!! Was attending jasmin's sista 21st burfdae at aranda country club, atmosphere was alright, evertingy was beautiful n most importantli mi BUDDIES were dere!! Super wonderful!! Stayed over at nytes at e chalet n tok alorte abt sum problems n how we could solve it as e rest started falling asleep 1 after another!! hahahaha!! I kant stop tynking abt him, i just kant though i tried 2!! i realli felt sho empty without him arnd mi!! just sho hard 2 xcept it but thanki 2 mi buddies i try 2 put that down 4 e moment!! Arnd morning, we fynalli felt asleep as in mi n jasmin n we gorte up rather earli as well as e others were styl in their la la land!! n sho i n her went outta 2 e living rm playing poker kards wif her sista fwens!! Dey woke up DAMN earli as well ah!! hahaha!! Arnd evening, ping wu came back down n we went 4 KTV sessions as e rate was damn cheap dere n e songs were pretty much updated yuppies?? *CoOlX!!* We sang lyk nobodi business till we gorte all our vocals down n it sounded lyk sore throats manx!! After that ping wu left 1st, den it was jasmin, leaving mi wee teck n sok ying!! Sho when e tymes were up dey headed hm n i headed 2 downtown 2 mit stalle!! Miss her sho much manx!! *MiSsEs!!* Sho glad 2 c her that dae!! =))

Basicalli updated her wif alorte of tingy n we shared e same point of view yeaps?? Realli glad that she understands mi yeahx?? Thanki girl!! Tok n tok, laugh n laugh, chill n chill till it was tyme 4 mi 2 go back coz i was damn tired yeaps?? realli 2 tired alr!! Kant take it manx!! Until i almost fall ah when i came down frm e bus!! i was wae 2 weak alr!! hahahaha!! Headed hm n i was straight into e bathrm bathe n zzzzzzz!! Without fear!! haa!! Until he kal n we chatted on e fone!! i suddenli felt i was losing him but i dunch wanna 2!! I dunch knw warte 2 do i realli dunch knw!! Im ttrying all mi bestie n everytingy but it seems lyk nth ish changing, nth ish working outta!! Felt sho lost ah!! *ShItTiEs!!*

*Im simply back 2 mi world of darkness, feeling clueless, feeling lost, feeling unwanted n all!! Norte knwing warte am i goin 2 do alr!! That whyee basicalli i cing dead pple arnd mi coz dey kant ans mi questions n help mi solve mi problems n all!! N i felt hatred all arnd mi but i dunch knw warte am i suppose 2 do?? kan sumbodi tell mi?? i realli wanna haf lights n i wanna hear a voice, a voice frm above e darkness!! at least tell mi warte 2 do!! i kant bring miself 2 4get him i kant!! =((*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~